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  • Darkness cover by  a.d. emile {kyron}
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    My attempt at writing a story in 2nd person.

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  • Fated cover 1
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    Inspired by the Figment Fate contest and the Thinking Sideways Prompt. Cover Design by: Daniel Jimenez.

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  • Unwanted cover 2
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    Lacy is adopted. All her life she's grown up believing she was alone, that it was her parents, her boyfriend, and herself against the …

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  • Thankthequeencover2
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    Thank the Queen

    Also inspired by the Thinking Sideways competition, this story is the third story I've written in my little series of sideways pieces.…

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  • Since forever. jpg
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    Since Forever

    Cover by: Danny JJ B Kennedy Venison, the most popular girl in school. It had to be fate that he bumped into her that morning. He’d…

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  • Onestepatatimecover1
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    One Step At a Time

    The red dripping from my side brings me back to earth, back to the situation at hand. My father crying with my mother in his arms caus…

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Talk to me!

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3 months ago Ava Snow said:

Hi dear figgie friends. Since the sad news that figment is closing I have felt guided to create a writing project. It would be geared toward writer, aspiring authors and book lovers. I just wanted feedback of what sort of content you (as a reader and writer) would be willing to read. Down below I have some ideas: Be willing to give me more feedback.

- Book recommendations?

- Author's Q and A

- Must read list

- Can we just talk about one of our favorite MC?

- Self Publishing 101

- Publishing House 101

- Devotionals

What else? and would you be interested in image/video/one paragraph blog? Please be honest.

Thank you for your time


Ava Snow


4 months ago Mariella Baird said:

Most people have heard the news by now. Come join us to discuss further action.


5 months ago A.G. Wade said:

WOOPS! Just saw that you're not open to swaps, soooorrrryyyyyyy!!


5 months ago A.G. Wade said:

'ello! Wanna swap? :D I've got a piece I had written a year ago that I'm curious to know if I should continue... it's about a character who realizes she's in a book. Not only that, but she's not even the main character. *snort*

Anyhoo, I'd love to hear what you think of it, not to mention I'd get to read some awesome stuff of yours ^.^


6 months ago A.R. KYRON said:

Thanks for the heart and comment!

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Everyday, In Every Window

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The Villian of Darkness

(about 3 years ago)

Okay, so this needs some work. (P.S. Please take this as constructive criticism, I do not mean for any of it to sound mean or rude). It k... Read More »