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    Gideon Strange: Immortal Genius

    Gideon Strange, one of the three hundred survivors of the Immortal Incident over two hundred years ago, is now a world renown detectiv…

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  • Knoxcover
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    Two years ago, Fort Knox was broken into by four thieves. The fort, however, was empty. Three of the four thieves escaped, while anoth…

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  • Thetabletothebedcoverpage_edited-1
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    The Table to the Bed

    My summision for the 2012 Seventeen Magazine Fiction Contest. Stuck in a room for three days, Gabe must decide whether to do nothing o…

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  • Rain must fall cover_edited-2
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    Rain Must Fall

    Inspired by the line in "Mirror Mirror": "Snow must do what snow does best, fall." I'm not sure if that's the actual line but it's sim…

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  • The_heart
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    Whoever Said Armaggeddon Was The Ending

    A short story featuring one of my favorite all-time character's I've made. Elpis! It tells of her beginning and sets a plot for the re…

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Talk to me!


almost 5 years ago Shelby Sullivan said:

Hey Shelby here, if you would like me to read a story and tell you want I think/heart etc. Read my story "When Sparks Fly" and Leave a comment with what book you want me to read.

Have a great day!


almost 5 years ago Brianna said:

Would you be interested in a swap? I would love for you to read (and heart if you think it deserves it) The Heavens Above for me! Just let me know!

Smexxibabiswagg (264x216) (2)

almost 5 years ago Tayo Shoaga said:

Would you like to swap? I'll read anthing of yours in return if you please read my story "Shattered soul" and hearted if deserved.


almost 5 years ago Amaryliss White said:

Hello. :) Would you mind checking out my story, “Never Break Me”? I’ll read anything of yours in return, just tell me what. Thanks!


almost 5 years ago Adam Stryker said:

Hey if you'd like to swap, please read Aurora! Thanks!

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