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    I Never Faced Reality

    Trying to get through her last year of high school, Briella Garcia a misunderstood awkward yet stunningly beautiful girl, is determine…

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almost 4 years ago Writing Fire said:

 photo WritingFire_zps74a15432.jpg


The Capitol is waiting for your arrival! We’re giving you the chance of a lifetime! Come forth brave tributes and honor your districts! You will be rewarded well as a victor, it’s that time again for a male and female to rise out of each district and make them proud! Copy and paste the link below into your browser to be directly transported to the capitol where you can learn how to be your district’s tribute for the 71st Annual Hunger Games! Or you can search for our group under the name WritingFire! We will be waiting to see our brave tributes there!

May your Writing Ever be in Your Favor.


over 4 years ago Micaela Rich said:

Swap? My story "To Loose an Arrow" is entered in a contest and I am way behind on gathering hearts. Today is the last day for gathering hearts. I repeat. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR GATHERING HEARTS! If you would please read and heart my story I will do the same for any TWO(2) of yours. And if you copy and paste this message on 5 other figgies that I have not reached yet then I will even give you a follow. The clock is ticking tributes. 5...4...3...2...1...Thanks a bunch and MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR.


over 4 years ago Writing Fire said:

Welcome Tributes and Viewers to the Annual Hunger Games! This is the chance for you to show off your fabulous writing skills, as well as become a part of something that will hopefully transform into an epic battle between Figment users around the world. As you begin to write your way through an arena filled with twists, turns, and fellow tributes (as well as a few nasty surprises of our own), your writing skills might just make the difference between seeing your tribute fall to the merciless clutches of death and seeing them emerge as victor. There is just one twist: your tribute, just as in The Hunger Games, must be selected randomly through a drawing. If you would like the chance to compete in the 70th Annual Hunger Games (bear in mind, this is BEFORE Katniss Everdeen) you will have to join or group!

 photo WRITINGFIRE_zps86355ec4.jpg

Hope to see you there! For more information on how to enter please join our group- Writing Fire: Hunger Games for Writers And may your writing be ever in your favor...


almost 5 years ago Kristy Levin said:

Can you please heart my story "friend-zoned" for a heart-based contest? It would mean soo much to me:) If you want me to heart one of your stories back I am willing to do that too:) Thank you so much!


about 5 years ago Emi B said:

Hey, sorry to be one of the random people spamming your page begging for your heart. But, come on, PLEASE. If you like stories about a good ole' rebellion would you take a look at my story "Every Heart"? I would return the favor and so love you if you did!

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