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  • Moon
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    she held the moon in her hands, but all he saw was darkness. **everything's lowercase for a reason! and I know I have grammar mista…

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  • Adas
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    Heart of the Ocean

    A pair of treasure-hunters find something they never would've imagined.

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  • Fg
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    Sundays Are Usually Gentle

    Kindness and love were no longer associated with respect. In Papa's mind, pain was equal to obedience.

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  • Ifyoushouldliveon_zps23aff5d4
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    If You Should Live On

    WIP ☼☼☼ A story of Griffin Abernathy, Skylar Dawson, and Channing Tatum Hale, the cat. Don't worry: this is not your average love st…

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  • Forgetting summer
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    Forgetting Summer

    Every summer has a story. *** A boy, a girl, a romance. What's to forget? *** (I probably have terrible grammar in this st…

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  • 000000000p
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    Persephone escaped, but her own worst enemy might be right under her nose...and all Hell will break loose. Literally. I might expa…

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4 months ago Brynai Anderson said:

please check out my forum post you replied to in Self Promotion and Critique, it has been updated.


5 months ago Haley Kissell said:

Hey Alex! I just wanted to let you know I added you to my Thank You book (I thank all of my followers in it). Thanks again! Keep writing and stay awesome!


5 months ago Haley Kissell said:

Hello Alex! Thanks for choosing Haley's Heart & Review Emporium!

You said in your form you wanted a review and hearts so I reviewed Forgetting Summer and I wasn't sure how many hearts you wanted so I hearted everything on your first page. :)


6 months ago Ellie Williams said:

Greetings, Novel Summer Camp camper!

This is a general announcement to inform you that all of the assignments for the planning portion of camp have been posted. (I apologize if you aren't "planning" with us; I forgot who is and isn't.) Be sure to check the group and play catch-up with us if you haven't already begun to do so. We should be starting the writing section of camp soon, so also keep your eyes open for that.

Happy writing, campers!



6 months ago nikki foster (Kat) said:

Hey we are going to be in the same cabin! I was wondering if you could read some of my work because I am trying to figure out which one to advance on. Will you let me know if you see this even if you dont want to read my work. Also let me know if there is anything that you want me to read for you!

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(over 1 year ago)

I really like this story! It's very interesting and unique and you wrote it very well. I did notice a couple of grammatical errors involv... Read More »


(over 1 year ago)

Hey! So, I agree with Jet Jones and this has quite a few grammatical errors. You definitely have to separate your paragraphs more (especi... Read More »