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  • Lovely stubble
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    Lovely Stubble

    Cover by Livia Isaac. True story. Probably never going to talk to the guy again but the attention was bitter sweet while it lasted.

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  • Objects (55)
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    We All Have Secrets

    I'm not in the best of moods, so I let it all out in this writting. Don't expect anything uplifting.

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  • Everything you need to know
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    Everything You Need to Know

    Want answers to questions? Want an update? Want me to read something of yours? Want to know the background story on a specific story? …

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  • The rain (2)
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    The Rain

    Cover done by Livia Isaac

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  • Imagescar4c7hn
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    This Isn't Me

    Unfinished novel. Go check out the This Isn't Me chapter in "Everything You Need to Know" to know more about it.

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  • The past
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    The Past

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Everything You Need to Know

(over 6 years ago)

@Aly My name really is Indie, but I changed my last name. I thought it would fit if you really knew me in person because non of my frie... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know

(over 6 years ago)

Haha, absolutely nothing, Miserable Existence. Thank you for asking. Read More »