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over 3 years ago Rose L. said:

Hey Anita! I just wanted to thank you for the nice note you left on my wall. It really means a lot to me to know that someone has read some of my pieces just for the sake of reading it :) I hope *you* keep writing! I really admire the poetry you have been working on - I've always had trouble writing poems that balance ambiguity and meaning, and you're crafted some beautiful images even in the few that I've read. I'm not on Figment as often these days, but I hope I can continue to read some of your work on here as you continue to grow and develop as a writer and poet! Best, Rosie


almost 4 years ago Cate Eliot said:

Hello. Would you like to swap? If so please read Grace and don't forget to leave me a profile comment telling me what to read for you. Thanks!!


almost 4 years ago figuser4571 said:

Do you want to enter in poetry contests? Do you not know which group to join? Join the Figment Weekly Poetry Contest group. There you can compete with other authors, like yourself, with weekly contests and prizes! Hope to see you there!  photo 7528c3b4-0fc9-4bc9-9a59-c98fd3d771d9_zps6bee37ab.jpg


about 4 years ago Little_Spoon2015 said:

Hi! I was wondering if you want to swap? If so please heart and comment/review on my very new novel Degenerates...and then comment on my page which one of yours novels you would like me to read. Thanks! -Little_Spoon


about 4 years ago Carlos Ordaz said:

Hello dear figment world, my name is Carlos and I am an aspiring writer who dreams of becoming published. I'm sure I share a similar dream with most of you. I'm on figment in an attempt to build a fanbase and improve my writing. In the few months I've been on this site, I've already learned and improved so much. I would be honored if you were willing to read a short story of mine and provide some feedback. I would be happy to return the favor, just post what you would like me to read on my wall. Becoming a published author is my dream and I've decided to risk everything to chase my dream. I'm taking time off from college to pursue this dream of mine and I would be grateful if you decided to read some of work. If you like what I wrote and only if YOU think I'm worthy of it, I would be honored if you followed me. Thank you for your time and have a lovely day.

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