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    Polka Dot Pumps

    What If? contest entry.

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    James Patterson Contest Entry. A tragic love story between a young slave girl and a budding plantation owner.

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    Vigilante Green

    When Gracie Jones declares war on senior prom, she expects to venture down the week long road to battle on her own. But when an unexpe…

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  • New runaways cover3
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    The Runaways

    During the summer after her high school graduation, Hailey Anderson, daughter of a crooked Washington senator, moves out of her Dad'…

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5 months ago CeceO said:



9 months ago Cait Cher said:

I just want to say before I get into it that if you don't like these messages as of this moment, you can delete my request. However, if you feel like swapping, I would love it if you read Constantine's Wish for me. I'm just wondering how it is right now, and I am adding chapters to it. Here's the link:

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10 months ago Aimee Bourey said:

Hey! If you've the time I'd love to swap with you. I'm in need of help for "Breathless Gods." Just let me know if you're up for it and I'll read anything in return. :) Thanks!

Ball gown 2

10 months ago Kelley Young said:

Hi there! Would you be up to a swap? Please feel free to look at any of my work that interests you. I would love to hear what you have to say! Thank you so much! :)


about 1 year ago Kitty Granger said:

Hey, would you mind reading my story Becoming Juliette and leaving a comment telling me what you think of it?

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(over 1 year ago)

Interesting piece, but I feel it needs to be more fully developed to really feel complete. I know it's most likely the beginning of the s... Read More »

In a Better Place

(over 1 year ago)

Hey Mirage! You've got a lot of great elements here. The repetition of your character's obsession with clocks was an excellent use of cha... Read More »