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about 1 year ago Jack Hopkins said:

Hi there! I have been working so hard on this short story - Everything's Fine. It's the first piece I have written that I want so badly to share with others! I would appreciate it so much if you would give it a read! Thanks :)



over 2 years ago Hala Abo Zedan said:

hi :) i would be so glad if you take a look on my works :)


almost 3 years ago Elizabeth Taylor said:

Pardon me for disturbing you, but I would like to report a person who places obscene pictures as book covers. His name (as of now) is Gus Mota.


about 3 years ago queen pptouchy said:

hey can you please help me out by voting here?

-all you need is a facebook account -and a few seconds of your time.

you're helping make someones dreams come true (my friend whose entry this is could get published!) , but of course, if you would like something in return, lemme know.


over 3 years ago Sarah Helene said:

*Echos Artemis' sentiment* Thank you so much! This has been a wonderful escape and just what we needed!

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