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    A true story about a traumatizing car crash and overcoming fears.

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    First Impressions

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  • Sunset-beach
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    (THIS IS NOT FINISHED YET) Shawn...Dylan...Dylan...Shawn? The cool, confident hottie who has more to him than meets the eye or the ado…

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  • Vengeance
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    Laila has seen too many people close to her die. She won't allow it to happen anymore. She packs her bags and journeys to the fearsome…

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  • Vengeance
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    (NOTE: This is a short story. If you want to read more about this world, read "Vengeance") Laila's mother was killed by the Nightlande…

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  • Full-moon
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    Luna Lupa

    Rachel's secret is finally revealed to Ryan. Can he accept her for who she is?

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over 2 years ago Natalie said:

Join Cookies And Milk!! Its a lot of sugary fun!! Don't think! Just click join! :)


over 2 years ago Kaitie said:

Hey! I was wondering you wanted to swap? I recently published a new story that I would love some feedback on! Its called "Loving Monsters" (it is in a contest, but the contest has nothing to do with hearts or anything like that, I'm asking purely out of getting feedback on the story) Just lemme know what you would like me to read in return and I'll get to it! Thanks so much! Kaitie


over 2 years ago Jeremy Hinkley said:

Thank you for your review, and I will definitely go through with a fine tooth comb and correct those grammar mistakes, you gave some other very good tips as well. I just wanted to mention that the repetition of (dead space) was more for a haunting effect than for reminding the reader, I will try to make that more evident in the edit and if I can't i'll take your advice on that score as well, thank you very much for your time

Sydney profilepic

over 2 years ago Sydney Lacroix said:

Swap? Please read my novel 'Life As He Knows It'. Comment or review, heart it (If deserved), give an emotion (If deserved). I will do the same and read anything around the same time length. Thanks, and have a nice day!


P.S: If you leave a review, you may only get a comment in return. Sorry. Also, please leave a review or comment on my grammar and spelling, but please still add details on what you thought of my book. And if you tell me you liked the story, please tell me why, I would like to know what I should change/add. *NO ONE LINERS!!!*


over 2 years ago Everest Neverlynn said:

Hey, wanna swap? Please read Red: Asylum (fifth page) and in return I'll read anything you'd like me too. (please leave honest feedback). (btw, I can see you're a Sherlock fan. If you like Sherlock I'm pretty sure you'll like this.)

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Circe: Marvel's Youngest Sorceress

(over 2 years ago)

CH 2A- The old man tells Connie that she was born on Earth with a human mother, indicating that he is otherworldly and her response to th... Read More »


(over 2 years ago)

"Almost all he children stared in awe" *the, not he "And the he hated the tour guide" *no "the" Be careful of the comma versus the ... Read More »