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    As It Crashes To An End

    The time is twelve o’clock, midnight, on Friday, November 27. Jacklyn and Andromeda are going to the movies with their friend Jeremy.…

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  • Echoes of darkness
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    Echoes of Darkness

    The day Natalie meets Ashton, she is quickly immersed into his world. He comes from the dream realm, where nothing is as it seems, unl…

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  • Img_8926
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    More Than Acceptable

    The past always influences the future. This is a book that shows the crazy ways it happens, flipping through different periods in the…

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  • Book cover
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    Dark Aurora

    This is a short story I wrote as tribute to what happened in Colorado. I think it came as an awful shock to the US and the world in g…

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    Kylie's best friend watches the security tape that catches her friend's final hour in the food court of a mall.

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    Shooting Stars

    College freshman Chelsea meets him in an airport. She has no money for food when he sits down next to her. They find out they're on …

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Talk to me!


5 days ago Brianna Kobylka said:

Hey, if you could read Hypnotized or any one of the poems that would be awesome :)

Ikkyosai profile pic

7 days ago Eustacia Tan said:

I've read the prologue and first chapter. Let me know if there's anything you want me to focus on in the later chapters (for example, continuity, character, etc). I'm looking forward to your feedback on Mi and You(:

Ikkyosai profile pic

8 days ago Eustacia Tan said:

Hey! Sorry for the late reply ><

I'll be glad to swap As It Crashes to an End for Mi and You. Since they're both fairly long works, how bout a chapter-for-chapter swap? I'll critique one chapter, you critique one, and so on. If this is fine with you, let me know and I can get started reading(:


10 days ago KAN535 said:

Would you like to swap? If so, could you read and comment on A New Beginning or Destined for disaster? Thanks.


10 days ago Dianna In the Stars said:

I'll do a swap! I'll just read the prologue for now, so can you read Fine by Me? I'll probably read the resy gradually, so I mean we could swap chapters, I have a longer piece which is a Percy Jackson fanfic if you'd like. :)

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My Reviews

Mi and You

(3 days ago)

Chapter two: As you said, obviously this is all opinion, and you don’t have to change everything I mention I don’t like, since you might ... Read More »

Mi and You

(6 days ago)

Sorry, my family ended up taking an impromptu trip to the beach, but I am reading this now! Prologue: Part of me really doesn’t think ... Read More »