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    Tomorrow Never Knows

    It's the summer before her senior year of high school, and Autumn has a lot planned: she wants to earn more hours towards her commerci…

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  • Untitled-1
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    As It Crashes To An End

    The time is twelve o’clock, midnight, on Friday, November 27. Jacklyn and Andromeda are going to the movies with their friend Jeremy.…

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  • Echoes of darkness
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    Echoes of Darkness

    The day Natalie meets Ashton, she is quickly immersed into his world. He comes from the dream realm, where nothing is as it seems, unl…

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  • Img_8926
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    More Than Acceptable

    The past always influences the future. This is a book that shows the crazy ways it happens, flipping through different periods in the…

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  • Book cover
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    Dark Aurora

    This is a short story I wrote as tribute to what happened in Colorado. I think it came as an awful shock to the US and the world in g…

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    Kylie's best friend watches the security tape that catches her friend's final hour in the food court of a mall.

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Talk to me!


25 days ago Kristiin Kerby said:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic For having amazing covers, liking Divergent and Avengers!


29 days ago Reaper333 said:

Hey! Just wanted to say "Hi." (^-^) I took your advice and checked out Figment; things look pretty cool! See you around.


about 1 month ago Ash Naz said:

Hello! Are you up for a swap? If so, could you check out 'The Afterlife' and let me know what you would like for me to read in return? Thank you for your time :)


about 1 month ago Gracen Moore said:

Hi! Do you want to do a swap? Please read either Daughter of the Earth or 2, 629, 800 Minutes, and I'll read anything of about the same length? Thanks :)

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about 1 month ago Sara P said:

Hey! So, I noticed you follow me:) and I have a new novel in progress up called Plot Twist. It used to be called Because you Love Her, but I took it off Figment about a year ago. But now I have changed some things and it's back! I would love for you to read the first chapter and give me your opinion on it! Four chapters are up so far, but you only have to keep reading if you're interested. Thanks!:)

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(3 months ago)

Just the introduction was pretty harrowing, so I am excited to read this. The title intrigued me, since I have not actually read a story... Read More »

Keep Your Enemies Closer

(3 months ago)

I picked this story to read because the description intrigued me. So I came to read this novel, and . . . Wow. The beginning pulled ... Read More »