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over 3 years ago CeceO (On&off) said:

SWAP? pls read ON THE RUN, thanks so much


over 5 years ago Shenlo ☺ said:

Having a secret crush on your best "guy" friend isn't so easy. You've got to put up with the chicks they date and sometimes, it's hard considering they're sluttier than the latest and trashiest lingerie. Also, having a "past" with one of the most popular guy in school is bad enough. But, possessing this weird tension with him is worse. I just wish Chris would see me as more than a best friend.

A romantic, light-hearted comedy about a girl, Louise Lowell who makes a wish that would change everything. But she soon realizes that having Chris all over her was not what she wanted at all.

WANT MORE? :) Please read Make A Wish and I would love to read any of your stories!

Xx. Shania

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over 5 years ago A. Kennedy said:

Hey, thanks for the review! Just wanted to answer your questions. First off, hated that word limit. That's partially why it didn't have as much depth to it as I would have liked. I couldn't put the other ghosts in because of the word limit, so I had to stick with just Charlotte. Wes hated the restaurant because that was where Charlotte died. Up until now, he didn't know why she was killed or even why she'd been there. He only had the association of that place as the place his wife died. The businessman was the man who killed Charlotte, so Wes had seen him in court later on, prior to this ghostly meeting. But yeah, this is something I would like to expand upon later. I've had this story in mind for a while and I've played with it a little before, but not like this. Thanks again for the review and heart!


over 5 years ago Georgia Atkin said:

Hey there- I'll try and read something of yours tomorrow. Could you heart my story?

Thanks! :D


over 6 years ago yearling said:

I was wondering would you read my new story. I just joined Figment so...yeah.

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