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    Mind Over Matter

    This is basically my personal diary. My thoughts, my opinions, my biases are all going to be here. The names mentioned may or may not …

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  • Moments2-2
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    *****FINISHED*****This was inspired by 2 things, Cassidy Petrillo's fanfics and the one direction song, Moments. I did the cover :) …

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    She's Not Afraid

    *****Finished***** Yet another One Direction Fanfiction. This one is a short story, and I'm working on the sequel to Moments probabl…

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  • Irresistible
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    *****FINISHED***** This is a sequel to Moments, please check it out. Ari and Harry's relationship was supposed to be perfect. I mean…

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    Last First Kiss

    My third [and final :'(] Harry and Ari Fanfiction. Next, I am either going to start an imagine for you guys [if you want], a Niall fan…

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  • Potter and evans 2
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    Potter and Evans

    I do not own any of the Harry Potter Characters names, or anything of copyright.Sigh, if only i could write as good as JK Rowling...

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Talk to me!


over 2 years ago Cassidy Petrillo said:

Hello, I have recently posted a "5 Seconds of Summer" fanfiction, and I'd love to know what you think about it!

"Luke Hemmings was the epitome of wild, charming, and flawless all at the same time. It was like one moment he was driving me completely crazy with his rude comments and actions, but in another moment he was giving me these overwhelming butterflies that kept me up thinking at two o'clock in the morning. As much as I wanted to avoid the mess that was Luke himself, I couldn't give up the late night talks and the irritating arguments. Damn, he was so irritating. Irritatingly addictive in every way possible, and I was in love with every part of him."

Please check it out, thank you!


over 3 years ago L.J Stephan said:

ALSO my favorite doctor who episodes of all time are "Partners in Crime" (Donna is absolutely perfect), A Christmas Carol, And I forget the name of it but it's the one where the creature takes over the woman's body. then copies everything the doctor says slowly making everyone on the train completly nutty and then they go after the doctor.... do you know what I'm talking about? I feel like I'm just bumbling about now...


over 3 years ago L.J Stephan said:

Hi! Would you care to swap? I would be greatly honored if you would spare 6 minutes to read "My Favorite Color". I'll read anything under 10 minutes in return. Thank you!


about 4 years ago Everest Neverlynn said:

Hi! I am Glowing Star looking for a few minute swaps. Please read the first (maybe the second) chapter of The Lost Girl. It is two minutes long (the first chapter) and I would be happy to read anything under 5 minutes (or the first chapter!)


about 4 years ago v.c. snow said:

Hello, care to swap? If so, please read/heart if deserved "Edyn: the Infected" and I'll read anything of yours in return! :)

Also, want to know how to get published, plus receive a free read/review/heart on any of your stories? Join my group "I'm 18 and I'm a Published Writer" thanks for your time!

XOXO -Victoria

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Almost Perfect

(over 4 years ago)

Softball and baseball? Really? You need any help with anything, just ask. The plot is a little speedy. It just starts in the middle and t... Read More »

What if Lily Lived?

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Really good idea. I was so interested by your idea. I have thought about this a lot, but never really wrote anything about it. It was rea... Read More »