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About Me: Barbara C. Doyle started her journey into the author world at the age of sixteen. Two years later two of her novels hit the best-sellers lists on Amazon, and she was picking up by One House United. Now, under contract for seven books, she continues to write while in college in Vermont.

Published Books

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    Engulfed (North Wing #1)

    Troubled, abandoned and left for dead in the high society of the North Wing, Ebony Falls continues to live her life haunted by her past. Even living in a mansion with a movie star foster mother, she can only think of the night that changed her life forever.

    And it all started with the boy with golden eyes.

    Accepting the task of saving the life of Ebony Falls, Guardian Angel, Nicholas, descends to the surface to protect the girl from the shadows. Consumed in the desire the Prophecy holds in the Heavens, Nicholas ventures into all new depths that draws his heart to Ebony’s. However, when he can no longer put her at risk of his own selfish desires, he pushes Ebony away and watches as she lands in the arms of his sworn enemy.

    And together, their fates are Engulfed.

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    The Secret Vows

    Starting her new life as an immortal Greek Goddess, Mary Jane uncovers new difficulties that reveal themselves in her eternity—including losing her Aunt Eden. Not only does Mary's eternity start with coping with her aunt's death, but Mary faces the revenge hungry, all-powerful Greek God of War Alec and his accomplice Elizabeth. Mary finds herself victim to Alec and Elizabeth's cruel games, and confides in not only Allison, but also Isis—the Greek Goddess with all the answers—to ensure her safety, and reveal the path Mary will follow as that of a Greek Goddess. All Mary Jane wants is to live her eternity in peace with Lucas. However, when Mary's search for answers leads her to Greece, how far will she be willing to go before she loses it all?

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