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    Tell Me...

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  • Dark-clouds
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    My Pain

    Series of haikus with an intentional ending. moral of the story: life hurts and we all have to try our best to move on.

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  • Tear
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    Silent Thoughts

    True stories any reference to "cuts" do not refer to a blade hitting skin. Most of what I write in here starts out from a fight with…

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  • Teardrop
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    The Vivid Dreamer

    Poem. -complete- Yes, this was meant to allude to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. For CC, partially. For myself…

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    Poetry: A Collection

    This started as a "write everyday" sort of thing, but I stopped after a while. So now it's random poetry.

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    poem written in memory of Allison Marie Archibald, Mary Elizabeth Smith, and Kevin Scott Wagley. RIP<3

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Talk to me!


about 3 years ago Evani Radiya-Dixit said:

Hi Sarah! If you have time, could you read one of my poems? I would appreciate any feedback/comments. Or even a heart if you like it :) Thanks. - Evani


about 5 years ago Cheyenne Summers said:

Hello! :) I was wondering if you'd like to swap? I'll read/like/review any of your stories if you'll read/like Megan's Bridge! If you don't swap I'm sorry for bothering you! :)Thank you so much! If I've already sent this I apologize, it's hard to keep track!


about 5 years ago Alyssa Johnson said:

Would you please read and comment/heart my story 'Promises' and I'll do the same to one of yours? I'm fairly new here and would like to know how my writing is. Thanks in advance, comment on my profile if you do. :)


over 5 years ago Kathy Shanahan said:

I'm an idiot. Please ignore my last post. Sorry :/


over 5 years ago Kathy Shanahan said:

hi would you like to swap? I really need hearts for my Strangers on a Beach story so could you please read that for me? Comment on my telling me which on of your stories I should read. Thanks :) p.s.- if I already asked you, I'm so sorry. I'm just forgetful.

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My Reviews

That's Not My Name...

(almost 5 years ago)

Review. Why write a review? Well. I have critique and I can do it. 1- I feel the small stanzas work for this. They add to the feel of... Read More »

A Reflection

(over 5 years ago)

find a friend of an editor and use them. I will do it. Your point will be much stronger with proper puncuation and slight variations with... Read More »