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  • Release 2
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    Jennifer Jones aka JJ has been living with her abusive father for as long as she could remember now. Her cold and stubborn personality…

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  • Eclipse cover 2
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    Follow Lysa into the fantasy/paranormal world of werewolves, sprites, faeries, shades, and many other creatures. But a war is commensi…

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  • The apprentice first light
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    The Apprentice: First Light

    *Awesome Cover by Georgie* Demons have infiltrated from Hell and into the upperlife also known as earth. It is a Hell-hunters job to r…

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  • Day of the white sun cover
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    Day of the White Sun

    Fuschia is a Zenith. A creature that looks human, but is entirely different. A Zenith is a type of fiend that lives in the shadows. Li…

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  • New hell house 2
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    Welcome to Hell House

    *Great Cover by Jennifer Mobley* Meet Gracie Thraven, a teenage girl whose schizophrenia overrules her life. When Gracie's parents fee…

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  • Undead 4
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    Only a few of us have survived. The rest have lost their souls to the zombies. The human race never thought an apocalypse would actual…

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Midnight hyde profile edit

4 months ago Prince of Terakruka said:


9 months ago Andrea Maller said:

Hi! I'm trying to get feedback on a novel I'm working on called Vision Zero. I would appreciate any and all comments you have about how I could improve it. Sorry if I already asked. Thanks!!!


almost 2 years ago A.J Jennings said:

There are 4 counties with different cultures, They have been at the verge of war for centuries but no country has had the guts to go at one another...until now. The newly crowed King of Miradoni attacked the small town of Mauteaux that's on the border of Astelle.

The Queen of Astelle is well...pissed and has officially declared war on Miradoni. The other countries, Pranna and Cressi don't know if they want to make alliances or to stay out of it. But neither side will win without an alliance.

All countries are having problems. Pranna's is the poorest and going south, Cressi is dealing with a poor harvest, Astelle is dealing with a a hurricane that caused alot of damage to the cities around the sea, and Miradoni is dealing with a confident and power hungry new king.

Will Cressi and Pranna make alliances?Or stay neutral? Who will win this war?


about 2 years ago A.J Jennings said:

How do you rally an army against a devil who looks like an angel?

Vampires, something that the human race thought was nothing more than a myth. But when the war broke out over 300 years ago, and the vampires won. They destroyed cars, airplanes, as well as guns. Pointless things to them.

With the Human rebels nearing closer to the palace where the ruling Vampires live. Things are getting serious. Human rebels, a forgotten aristocrat vampire reappearing after years of living in solitude. War is looming once again, something that the Vampire's don't want.

Just beware, if a human were to fall in love with a vampire and lay with them. A child could be conceived and both Mother (Yes, vampire female's are included in this) and Child could be killed. Half-breeds are a disgrace to the race. They find them weak and the vampires that helped make them traitors to their race.

Another thing you should know, only humans that have had a vampire ancestor can complete the change. The other's can not, they die painfully. Very painfully...


over 2 years ago Faith Dolack said:

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The grand prize for the Vocaloid Fever Contest features music from popular Vocaloid artists, such as Hatsune Miku! Don't miss this opportunity to win free music!

All About You

Beyond Ordinary

Vocaloid Fever

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Safety First

(about 4 years ago)

Really creepy feel to this story that I really loved. The whole death in space thing is very interesting and how people sell it like cars... Read More »


(about 4 years ago)

Wow the suspense and action in this was very thriller and it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. But I feel like you went ... Read More »