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    Marigold & Citronella & Saddle Soap

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  • Ttlp
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    To The Last Power

    ***(Awesome cover courtesy of Paige Bee)*** My name is Emily Bryant. And I'm only sure of a few things at this point. 1. I'm a powe…

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  • Whitehairgirl2
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    Through my sixteen years, I've only had one thing that set me apart from the others- the fact that I was born with white hair, the tot…

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  • Castlelandscape
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    The Amber Empire

    A story that I decided to give up on a while ago but kept nagging at me so I restarted... Eleven-year-old Cherry Williams is an aut…

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  • Forestburn
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    Turn Around

    A little monologue from a novel I'm writing elsewhere. I'd tell you the context in it, the meaning, but this piece is completely open…

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  • Stuffedcat
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    She Kept Me

    I poem about a stuffed cat I had when I was little.

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over 2 years ago DJV said:

Calling all Figgies!! I need your help to win a design contest! If I win, I get $1,000 closer to my goal of going to college and hopefully getting out debt-free!! If you like my design, vote! :) Tell me what you want me to heart or make a cover for if you don't want to give me a free vote! :) —————————————————————————————————— I apologize if I’ve already asked! If I have, please just ignore this and delete it!  photo Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 12.22.24 PM_zps5urerz1j.png


almost 4 years ago ambi said:


about 4 years ago Keith Surratt said:

You should join my new group called ''Adventure Time'' its the newest adventure time group and it has alot of members for just being made not long ago. Join figments best adventure time group ever!!!


about 4 years ago L.R. said:

Hey, would you mind reading my story Becoming Juliette and leaving a comment telling me what you think of it?


over 4 years ago SmileySara said:

Good afternoon, lovely! If it’s five o’clock … IT’S TOO LATE!!! I’ve been promoting my first serious contest entry ever around figment recently. And the contest is over in less than six hours. Crazy, right? I’m panicking and the only way I’ll stop is if you take a look at it!

It’s called “Wasted” and it’s…




Have a heart! If you decide to read twelve words for me free of charge, then let me thank you now (And probably later). I will probably thank you in song and definitely give you a virtual hug! Twelve words for intense groveling? Psh. Deal. Of. The. Century.

Let’s say you just can’t do that. YOU MIGHT BE IN A CONTEST TOO! Then, m’dear, we will swap. Read my twelve words and comment on my wall saying “LAST MINUTE SWAPPING!!” And I will rush to read your story of under five minutes, be it a fanfic, a haiku, a memoir of your cat… I’m an all around kinda girl.

I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!! That is all.

This message self-destructs (metaphorically) at five o’clock. Be aware. There might be shrapnel.

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My Reviews

Noose of Ink

(over 5 years ago)

WOW. DUDE. I GET OFF FIGMENT AND THIS IS WHAT I MISS??? Seriously, this was mind-blowing. It goes without saying that the imagery w... Read More »

High School

(over 5 years ago)

I liked this. =) The rhythm made it almost seem like a rap or something you'd hear with bongos in the background in a coffee house, and... Read More »