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  • Second cahcne-figment
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    Second Chance

    Poor Olivia, after having a fight with her best friend Ryan, he kills her. Being stuck in the middle ground of heave/ hell and earth, …

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  • 5a23829359401105c903bc292c75fd4f_h_fotor_fotor
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    I will Wait

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  • What would you do_fotor
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    What would you do?

    Group of people who needs help for issues that most teens struggle with in life. One mistake on their part or an awful childhood has t…

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  • Starving perfection
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    Starving Perfection

    Danielle wakes up from passing out from not eating, understanding she has an eating disorder. She is forced into a place to help her w…

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  • Img_3931
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    Without You

    It's christmas time once again and this year a young mother is on her own with her baby. Looking back at the good times she had with h…

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  • Media_the-story-of-us
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    Story of Us

    Mixture of writing in story and poetry, please enjoy!!

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10 months ago E.R.Schaefer said:

Hey! I was curious if you'd be open to swap? I need feedback in Widdershins Way for my English assignment. I'd be willing to read anything in reciprocation. Thank you in advance!


about 1 year ago Ellie Williams said:


over 1 year ago Ladybug12 said:

I think you are an amazing author. I love your work!

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over 1 year ago Jack Oakes said:

Hey didn't know if you got my email. It has been a bit faulty recently with emailing other people so if not you could try sending one to me at

Ifunny - 13_12_2015 15_03_00

over 1 year ago Jack Oakes said:

Hi I saw that you were in a group that liked to co-write and etc and wondered if you wanted to do something along those lines since I have always been interested in doing that? Just leace a post on my profile if you or anynone else reading this i sintrested! Thanks.

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My Reviews

The Loneliest Goddess in the Galaxy

(about 2 years ago)

So the only error I could find was to change "the guise" to "the disguise. The detail and imagery was all there and I enjoyed the ... Read More »

Netherside (Novel-in-progress)

(about 2 years ago)

Chapter I: distraction: distractions or distract me Add a comparison to the end of "Those strings were nothing" take out "before... Read More »