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    House of the Living

    Sloan and her younger sister are fighting to survive. Living in America during a zombie apocalypse, wasn't something they were prepare…

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  • Tslfin2
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    The Suicide Letter

    When Milo Dunbarr loses his one true love, he spirals into a deep depression. He plans on killing himself not just to ease his pain, b…

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  • Raynefinished
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    Let it Rayne

    Nearly two years ago, Rayne Correll lost her father in a tragic car accident. Since then, she hasn't spoken to anyone besides her moth…

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  • Man
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    The Man of my Dreams

    I CAN'T BELIEVE I WON!! Thanks everyone who hearted and loved the story! I am so happy :D And congrats to the other finalists!! I read…

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  • Barely
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    When Emma Tate discovers that her younger sister is dying, she heads home to Columbia, Tennessee to spend, what most likely will be, h…

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Talk to me!


almost 4 years ago Margaret K. Johnson said:

Hi! Swap? :)


about 4 years ago Trail of Glitter said:

Swap? If so, here are two options I am offering:

1) If you're into poetry/songs, please read and heart (react) "Fragile" OR "And Then There is Silence." Honest feedback is mandatory.

2) If you're interested in stories/novels, please read "Living in the Moment" AND leave honest and helpful feedback (NO ONE-LINERS). Heart and react if deserved!

*Note: I do NOT read anything with sex or cursing. Also, I will read something of yours that is the same length as mine.

Thank you, and I hope I will be hearing from you soon. Have a great day, lovelies:)



over 4 years ago OvercomingDyslexic said:

Hey, I'm Lexi :) I just wrote a story about a girl who must choose between her future and her family's survival. It does deal with prostitution, so I want to be sure that I portrayed Eva as delicately as possible and that I did the culture of Samana justice. I would really appreciate it if you could check it out. It's called "Eva": http://figment.com/books/690203-Eva.


over 4 years ago Wholockian said:

Hello there!

Have you seen this group? The group that could potentially become your one-stop spot for almost everything writing related? Come and check it out, and I promise you won't regret it!

Much love xx


over 4 years ago Lauren Ashley said:

Hi I'm Lauren Ashley, and like you I want to be a writer. Writing is my passion, and it's what I know I'm destined to do. I would love it if we could swap! Just read anything on my page that interests you and I'll gladly return the favor! I would also appreciate it if you follow me but only if you think I deserve it after reading my work. Thank you :)

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My Reviews

Jigsaw Love

(over 6 years ago)

One reason why I love this so much is that there is no pattern, yet it is rhythmic to me. The story itself is romantic and sweet. Great J... Read More »

This Feeling of Love

(over 6 years ago)

This is beautifully written. Well done :D Read More »