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over 3 years ago Jay said:


almost 4 years ago Cayla Annais said:

Hiya, Okay so I am writing this novel; and if you could please read it and review/comment and if you like it heart, I would really love it! If you do just post on my profile what book you would like me to read for you:-) (PS: I said novel but it is just the beginning so not very long:-) Thank you!!!!

((A short intro:-))

I ran as fast as I could. My heart is pounding in my chest. I was not close to anybody here, I was always alone, but not because of them but because I wanted to be. I ran on the road. It felt good the clink-clink-clinking sound of my flip-flops hitting the road, my breath coming out in gasps, and the feeling of leaving the orphanage for good. I was scared. I am scared. I am 18 and am now on my own; so yes fear is running through my body, but so is excitement. I’m alone. I have been alone since I was 12 years old. But maybe this was my chance to get out there and found out what is in store for me.


almost 4 years ago Sebastian Matthew said:

Hello! You, being a teenager on figment, have been invited to join my group "Teenage Figs", here you can do whatever you want along with your fellow teens, you can talk, you can swap, you can share stories and inspiration… You can pretty much do whatever. So come one come all to "Teenage Figs". Here is a link if you would like to join: Thanks, Sebastian :P


over 4 years ago Keith Surratt said:

u should join my group called ''80's rock and roll'' u will find it on my profile =)


over 4 years ago astronaut said:

figmentGIF Hey! I just entered this story ^^^^^("Letting Go") in a short story contest, and I'm in DIRE NEED of hearts. PRETTY PLEASE COULD YOU HEART IT?! The contest ends in a couple of days! Help me get in the top 10! Sorry if you already received this message, and THANKS A BUNCH!

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