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    Carolina Eyes

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    J + R

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    This is my character's 5th album.

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    New song... Allie writes it about her relationship with Sam. May or may not make it onto an album.

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    Play On

    *18.2% Completed* [The Allie Taylor Series #1] *SECOND DRAFT IN PROGRESS* *READ FIRST DRAFT <a href="http://figment.com/books/7…

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    Long Live

    [The Allie Taylor Series #2]*WIP* Crowned as the very first American Voice, Allie Taylor is finally living her dream. After eight h…

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Talk to me!


4 days ago Megannah Eyre said:

Hey! We're Hannah and Meg and we have recently embarked on our very own "literary adventure". We have just uploaded our first chapter of a collaborative historical fiction piece about the last ruling family of Russia, the Romanovs and we are in DIRE need of some feedback and we would love to get your thoughts! If a swap is more your thing, we're up for anything! Thank you! (Sorry if this has hit you multiple times, memory is not exactly our strong suit)

~Hannah and Meg

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12 days ago Selena Brooks said:

Hey C.R.! Long time no talk :) We miss you--how are you doing?


about 1 month ago Natasha Ψ said:


Would you care to swap? I have a WIP called Miscommunication that I would love for you to take a look at. I will read anything of the same length in return. :)

Note that my story does contain foul language, so if you aren't comfortable with that, just the first chapter would do. :)

Please and thank you, and sorry if I have already asked you or if you're not open to swaps!


Clary close up

2 months ago Clary Frost said:

Hi! You asked me to swap 4 months ago to read "Fame Squared" and I reviewed/hearted/reacted to it. I know life is busy, but I am just reminding you to finish your half (which is to read "March On"). Can't wait to get your comment! :)


3 months ago Melannie Poston said:

Hi! Would you like to swap reviews with me? I'd love it if you could help me out with my short story, "Golden Slipper" It's a retelling of Cinderella with themes from Araby.

If you'd like to swap, just tell me which of your stories I should read :) Have good day!

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My Reviews

The Soul of Dreams

(about 2 years ago)

Hi there! Here's some things you should know about me... I read as I review. I also have a tendency to get attached to characters! I hope... Read More »

You Found Me

(about 2 years ago)

All reviews below this are from the old draft. Read More »