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  • Whenlifegoesflat
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    When Life Goes Flat...

    Emerson is stuck. Since the tragedy of her mother's death, numbness has taken over. Everything important around her seems to be grad…

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  • Adele and maia cover
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    Adele and Maia

    For the Good Vs. Evil Contest!

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  • 1zl3z3l
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    Chasing Dreams

    ******NEW BOOK TRAILER made by Tyanna Snider: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbpd-qEihkw&feature=youtu.be**** Astrid Parken isn’t ri…

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  • 34a-1
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    Louisa's War

    **DO NOT LIKE ON FB** Louisa Wells lives a dream life. She is a rich, snotty and spoiled southern belle. She is used to the finer thin…

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  • Imagesca3hlvy7
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    Story Announcements

    Some announcements for my followers on all of my stories! :) **LAST UPDATED: 12/14/13

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  • Picmonkey_image
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    All We Have

    All Rose and Emmett have left is springtime. Then he'll be leaving for the summer. *Spring Flash Contest* Cover: Tamora Locatelli

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Talk to me!


over 2 years ago Katie Miller said:

Hello, Haley! I just wanted to let you know the great news that "A Past Not Forgotten" is published!...almost. Currently, I am a part of the Nerdist Collection contest through Inkshares (basically kickstarter for books) and in order to win I need to be in the top five with the most pre-orderers by September 30th. I've been all the way up to ninth! I just need more people to commit to buying!

I know what you're thinking, "that book needed a LOT of work..." and you're right! It did! But, now, I've edited and rewritten, and you can read the first chapter on Figment, and the first two are on Inkshares!

You're support would be awesome! You can even get your name in the back of the book if you want! Also, stay tuned for my feature in John Robin's world-building series! https://www.inkshares.com/projects/a-past-not-forgotten

Bird cage girl

almost 3 years ago K.M. said:

Write Drunk, Edit Sober:

Converge. Collaborate. Create. A place for writers to find editors and editors to find writers.


Join now and find your partner in crime.


about 3 years ago Ae Clane said:

please comment, review, and/or heart "Rapier." thanks in advance!


over 3 years ago Maddie S said:

Hi, my name’s Maddie, and I’d like to invite you to join my group ‘The Dream Zine’, where our goal is to get young and aspiring writers published. Our current issue is about dreaming and the subconscious. If you’ve written a poem or a short story (under five minutes), or if you would like to write something to submit, feel free to contact me at submit.collective@gmail.com or within the group, which you can find on my profile. The deadline for submissions is August 1st. Thank you and I hope to hear from you!


over 3 years ago C said:


This is Char, admin of CPR! You, my friend, are a member of this group, and therefore, are automatically awesome!

If you are still interested in becoming a member, it would be awesome if you could take one minute to read and reply to this thread.

If you don't, just ignore this message. After a month and still no sign of you, you will automatically be deleted from the group (I'd really like CPR to be active, so please take no offense) (it's not because you're not awesome) (you're super awesome and i respect your decision)

Thanks for reading this, and have a wonderful day :D


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My Reviews

Leaving Him in December

(about 4 years ago)

I just came across your story! :) It has an absolutely amazing plot, and I applaud you on picking something so relevant to today’s issues... Read More »

Leaving Him in December

(about 4 years ago)

I just came across your story! :) It has an absolutely amazing plot, and I applaud you on picking something so relevant to today’s issues... Read More »