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About Me: ONLINE [x] OFFLINE[] Hello there! yes I'm open to swaps, but I am currently a Pre-vet student so I don't get a lot of free time on my hands, so please be patient if we set an agreement for a swap. I am currently working on, "From Pawn to Player," so if you wanna check that out that would be amazing.

Published Books

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    Water and Stars, The Forgotten Worlds

    Onyx, a collection of short stories, essays, and poems.

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    chasing the blue sky

    Centuries have past and human's have never learned. Though the signs were clear, they continued down their path of violence, destruction, and hate. The skies have permanently clouded over and not a tree is in sight. Humanity has abandoned the system of democracy and has moved to a dictatorship ruled under a merciless Emperor. For the past eighty years, the Empire Grandis had been in a constant battle with the Salvation, a group of rebels whose goal is to return to democracy and justice.
    Seraphina is the First Lieutenant in this nation's military. Part of an experimental program, she grew up in the military life, learning to be quick, cunning, and ruthlessness. had been genetically altered and gained the ability of fire. Never before had she questioned her orders, it had always seemed right to obey her Emperor until the day she was betrayed. Now tensions run high between Salvation and Grandis, will Seraphina change her ways? Or will the call of duty keep her by the Emperor's side?

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    A short poem published in the LitLeaks Magazine

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about 1 year ago Renn Ferring said:


about 1 year ago Dawn M. Therin said:

Would you be interested in swapping with me? If so, could we do chapter-by-chapter swaps? I'd like you to look at my fantasy novel "The Gift of the Dreamseer."


over 1 year ago Sophia Edwards said:


Would you be interested in a swap? If so, could you please read some of my piece, A Wielder's Trials? In return, I'll read and comment on anything of yours. (I also don't need a review since I'm currently edited, so feel free to just comment after you read.)

Let me know if your interested in the comments!

Have a great day

***If I've already asked you, I'm sorry!***


over 1 year ago Selena Brooks said:

Hi, would you like to swap? If so, please read/review the first chapter of Unveil and I'll be more than happy to do the same for you.

Want to do a double swap? Please also read/review the first chapter of The Improbability of Forever


{I'm so sorry if I've already asked you!}


over 1 year ago Addie said:

Hey! Responding to your forum post. I'd love to swap. If you could read Infatuation I read whatever you want in return.

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