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  • Red_abstract
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    Only in Dreams

    HEY FIGGIES I NEED HELP! This is for my writing class. It's supposed to use setting to set a mood. How did I do? Please read and t…

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  • Nighttime
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    The Visitor

    ***UNFINISHED*** One night, Kevin is visited by a strange girl who seems to come from somewhere he cannot imagine. She says she's on …

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  • Chair
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    Grandpa's Death

    After the death of his grandfather, a boy must come to terms with life, death, and whether or not there is something else. This was a…

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  • Covera
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    So I'm New Here

    **UNFINISHED** College is hard, but sometimes a little time away from home can fix the problems you had there. This is the story of y…

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  • The_heart
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    The Worm

    A worm finds love. HEY THEY NEED IT TOO.

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  • Coverb
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    On Trust and Stuffed Cats

    A memoir. guessed it. Trust. And stuffed cats. ***UPDATE*** this got a 93%! Thanks for all the help and love, fig…

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over 4 years ago Kia Alan said:

Hello! This isn't a swap request. I'm here asking that you head over to my page and check out my newest story, 'The Wanderer'. It would mean a lot if you took some time to read it and review it! I love to know people's thoughts on my stories.

If you would prefer to swap, let me know on my page once you've finished.

Thank you!


over 4 years ago M.A.Chase said:

Hey, you wanna swap? I was here for a contest entry, but I see you don't review those. I'd still like to swap. Choose anything on my first page, really. Let me know what you want me to read in return! Thanks!


over 4 years ago Snooki said:

hi do you want to swap

2015-05-18-19-33-49-991 (1)

almost 5 years ago M.M.John said:

If you have questions about getting published, visit our group ‘Publishing Genie’. Here is the link: We’ll connect you with agents, give you great tips from professional authors, and plug you into a network of fellow, supportive writers. So what are you waiting for? Click the link!


almost 5 years ago Jenna Faccenda said:

Wanna swap? Read and give whatever you please to Shell Breathe Again please and I'll do the same for whatever you want me to! (:

* I am in a heart based contest so hearts are greatly appreciated. But please only give me on if you honestly think I deserve it! Thank you!

* If you don't like/do swaps or quite frankly just find them annoying I am sorry for asking and would be extremely greatful for a free read. Even though I am in a contest I hope that you understand my despairity.

* If I already have bothered you before I really am sorry I try to look before I post but it isn't always that easy.

Once again, thank you even if it was just for reading this post.

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The Color Red

(about 5 years ago)

I really like where this story is going so far. I like the rebellious son/prince setup. The topic is kind of done to death in fiction, ... Read More »

The Mask Of The Magpie

(about 5 years ago)

I like the setup a lot. The two sisters act as pretty good foils of each other, and I like how they interact with each other. And the d... Read More »