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    World War 666

    For those of you who dislike extremely unlikely things, such as talking cats, stop here. Until I can come up with a more catchy summar…

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  • Cuckoo fig
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    The Cuckoo in the Nest

    Twenty years ago, seven kingdoms made a pact with the sorceress Veriscian to curse the eighth kingdom of Kazida. Since then, the Kazid…

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  • Dance
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    The Alenstir were going to lose the War. It was clear from the moment the first shots were fired. They created the Changed, to rise up…

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    A short-story anthology set in the Hunted universe. As such, a passing familiarity with that storyline may help. I'll try and write on…

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    The Boy with Tiger's Eyes

    Magnus Bradley has a problem. For once, it's not someone offering to buy his house, someone using his first name, or someone buying hi…

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  • Yszb&w
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    Oli Michaels, university graduate, is trying to sort his life out. It has other ideas, namely Yszarin. An ancient murderess from a tim…

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about 3 years ago BK Rivers said:

Hello! I have entered the Brandon Sanderson contest and my story is reliant on hearts, and so it forces me to go seek help from fellow Figgies. I am only searching for truly deserved hearts and comments/reviews. I don't want a heart if my story doesn't warrant one. So if you could read "We Don't Need Another Hero" I would feel very honored and will do the same for you!!

We Don't Need Another Hero


almost 4 years ago Molly McIlvar said:

Hi, would you like to swap? If so, could you please read and comment on "Love Letters (Revised)"? Heart if you like, but I'm really looking for feedback. I'll do the same for anything of yours (preferably something short, since it might take me a while to get through a longer piece- but I will still read it!) If not, or if I've already posted this, just ignore it. Thanks :)


almost 4 years ago Sarah Spradlin said:

Same here xD I KNOW THE FEELING! I think I've had... 8 classes? And it's like "Okay... I'm done now. Can we go back to not doing things?" xD


almost 4 years ago Sarah Spradlin said:

None. It was supposed to snow >__> but of course it didn't. Yeah, it was mostly transportation issues and not wanting kids out in such cold weather. :3 Back in school now though *sigh* And ready to knock this semester out of the park :)


almost 4 years ago Sarah Spradlin said:

LOL! Thanks! We're actually out due to the cold temperatures where I live, so we'll be starting tomorrow :) At least as far as I know xD

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My Reviews

When Purple Meets Red

(about 4 years ago)

I like the way you do this - the way you are always returning to the title question which prays upon your main character's mind, the imag... Read More »

The Dragonfly Girls

(about 4 years ago)

There's a bit of repetition that doesn't seen to be fore effect, and as such it makes your story jar slightly - "dress" in the first chap... Read More »