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over 2 years ago Melody Auburn said:

Hi, I was just wondering if you had the time, could you possibly read and review my story The Last Fight Thnx:)

Frick no

about 3 years ago Naomi said:

also join LDS writers guild! (the other Mormons will hunt you down until you do!)

Frick no

about 3 years ago Naomi said:

hey! i just joined a group called the "official" figment games and i'm supposed to help recruit people so... consider yourself recruited! jk you don't have to join if you don't want to but you should!


about 3 years ago Steven Curt said:

I'm a bit busy at the moment, but later tomorrow I'll do all 3 swaps. Thanks for understanding!!

Dsc_0143 (3)

about 3 years ago Rachel Elkin said:

Hi there! Wanna swap? If you could please read as much of my story "Midnight" as you can, that would be amazing! I'm not so concerned about hearts, I really just want your honest feedback and opinion. Trying to make my story the best it can be! Let me know what to read in return!

Thanks a million. -Rachel

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