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6 days ago Tibby Kay said:

Hey, would you like to swap? If you said yes, please read my short story, Angel of Despair, and let me know what you think of it. Only heart it if you truly think it deserves it! Then let me know what you would like me to read on my wall. Happy writing! ~Tibby


10 days ago Cactus Joe said:

Hello there! Whazzup?! How are you, anyway? I hope well, as this is a magnificent night and you certainly deserve to enjoy it. (Seriously, yo--I'm not joking here, has anyone told you that you're amazing today? Cuz you are.) :) Alrighty, so I was wondering if you would care to swap? If so, I'd be forever in your debt if you would read my piece, "Just Another Innocent Story." I'd happily read something of yours in return! Thank you so much and happy writing!

Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 10.11.46 pm

12 days ago SoPro Critique said:

Hello, you! Do you like swaps?

Well, what if I offered you a one-sided swap? I read and edit yours, and you don't have to read any of mine. 100% guaranteed and 100% free.

My name is KD Larker, and I'm a freelance editor based in New York. I recently created a website (http://soprocritique.blogspot.com) and I'm looking forwards to helping writers from all over the internet, such as yourself.

All you have to do send me your story (the text itself, not a Figment link), your story's title, and your genre to soprocritique@icloud.com. If you want specific critique like "How is my dialogue?" or "Does x make sense," add a note!

If you have any questions, please read my FAQ! http://bit.ly/1tS9sRP

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you help us both out and submit. :D


15 days ago Two-ThirdsDivine said:

Hello. I was wondering if you would like to do a swap? I have a short story that needs some looking over, and I would gladly return the favor.


21 days ago Sammi L. said:

Hey, we kind of swapped a long while ago. I read your newest poem and left a comment. I'm just letting you know that I'm still waiting for you to complete your end. I asked you to check out the first chapter or two of my story 'Alone' (since yours is relatively short). So if you could get to that whenever you have time, that would be great. Thanks!

~Sammi :)

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