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6 months ago Stormie D. said:

Hey, I have a poem in need of opinions. I want to know if there's anything, anything AT ALL, that needs to be fixed. All criticism is appreciated.

I'm willing to swap, if that's what you prefer.

Here's the link for "Kiss Me, Dang It": http://figment.com/books/974190-Kiss-Me-Dang-It

-Stormie Dawn, geekiest teen in Washington State


7 months ago Megannah Eyre said:

Hello! We've finished our side of the swap, looking forward to hearing your feedback on AT the Crumbling of Others! Thanks!! ~Hannah and Meg

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7 months ago Elliot White said:

Hi! If you're up for a swap, could you please read my short story draft The Mirror Man? It's on my second page, 6 minutes long. Please give a real review, with your most honest opinion, and I'll read and review something of yours. Thanks!


8 months ago Sasha M. Myron said:

Since your piece was so short, I don't think I have anything that matches that length. So you don't have to read anything of mine. :)


8 months ago Megannah Eyre said:

Hey! We're Hannah and Meg and we just recently finished our very first chapter on our little "literary adventure". We've written a collaborative historical fiction piece about the last ruling family of Russia, the Romanovs. Since we are just rookies in this whole writing world we are in dire need of some feedback of any kind! If a swap is more your thing we're up for anything! Thank you so much!

~Hannah and Meg

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