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about 21 hours ago Maddie Stone said:

Hi, my name’s Maddie, and I’d like to invite you to join my group ‘The Dream Zine’, where our goal is to get young and aspiring writers published. Our current issue is about dreaming and the subconscious. If you’ve written a poem or a short story (under five minutes), or if you would like to write something to submit, feel free to contact me at submit.collective@gmail.com. Thank you and I hope to hear from you!

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1 day ago ωяιтєя said:

Hey A. Hulse!!

So I was wondering if you wanted to join my writing/cover/review group?? I'm going to post up a new contest - a five week long contest and could use as many contestants as possible! The prizes are big, too! Real books (FNTW: Summer Camp inspired me to give real prizes!), movies, and reviews on their work!

Give it some thought, please! :D Here's the link if you decide to join (I'd really love if you did!)!

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2 days ago Selena Brooks said:

Swap? Please read/heart/comment on Keys to Secrets, and I'll return the favor for one of your stories. Thanks!


2 days ago Skyla Buchanan said:

Thanks for commenting on my profile! would love to swap btw. Read 'Immortal', please?


3 days ago Stephanie Dombrowski said:

Hey! I read 3 of your works and I thought they were really good. :) I did my part. Could you please a take a look at my novel The Life of An Unmarked? You don't have to read the whole thing, but feel free to :)

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(3 days ago)

Really interesting concept you have here. The story changed so much from the beginning to the end. Will you be continuing with the stor... Read More »

Nigerian Boys

(16 days ago)

It seems like you've been trying to write a short piece based on the kidnappings by Boko Haram, but for me it really doesn't work. You ne... Read More »