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about 3 hours ago Meg Hobler said:

Hey! Just because you asked if you wouldn't mind going first and reading All of My Broken Pieces, that would be great!! Thanks so much :)



about 3 hours ago Emily Ruth said:

I loved your poems! They are beautiful. Keep at the good work! If you could read either of my stories and give me feedback, that would be great! Thank you


about 3 hours ago ♡Stephanie♡ said:


I'm here to kindly remind you that you still need to fulfill your end of the bargain from a swap you requested seven months ago. At the time, I already read four of your poems (I Know It's Over,‘Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam’, Breaking Through, and A Final Reflection) and left ALL comments. I'm still waiting for you to return your end for my wip, One Last Smoke and read only the prologue (2 minutes) to match the same length of material I read from you. Sorry for being pushy, but just wanted to remind you as it's been a while. (: Thankies and I'll await for your end~



about 4 hours ago Courtney Dozier said:

I read a few of your poems. They were great! You've got some really good diction, and I think I've learned for future that using such specific words can truly subtly give my writing that whole other feel to it that you express so nicely!

The only thing I would advise you on is that I got confused as to the idea of what you were trying to convey. I felt like some of it was so vague that your poems could be interpreted in several different ways. That's not always a bad thing, but I just wanted to let you know!

Let me know if you ever want me to read more of your work!


about 4 hours ago Hannah Moynihan said:

No problem! If you could read either Mind Grave (but no pressure on that one) or one of my other works and comment/review that would be wonderful

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Written In Silence

(7 months ago)

Hey, I really enjoyed the poem ,'Fragments', it seemed that this had a bit more substance and depth, whilst you kept a good simple struct... Read More »

Nigerian Boys

(over 2 years ago)

It seems like you've been trying to write a short piece based on the kidnappings by Boko Haram, but for me it really doesn't work. You ne... Read More »