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23 days ago A.J. Cypher said:

Hi there :) Any interest in a swap? My story's called Nowhere But Up. I'll do heart/comment/review swaps. Let me know!

Apologies if I've already asked you. It's getting hard to keep track! Just ignore this if I have ^^

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25 days ago Spinly Gribblegale said:

Could we do a swap? If so could read A Land called Bob and comment on my wall telling me what story of yours that you want me to read. Thanx


26 days ago B.C. Hernandez said:

'Ello amigo! Twas wondering if you could do me a little itty bitty favor and maybe do a swap? I'd be forever in your debt if you did, If you could read my "One Night" king dork contest entry and review/ heart it i'd do the same to you with the story of your choice. However if you don't think it deserves a heart DON'T HEART IT im looking for an earned heart, not a click-and-go heart. Just let me know which story you want me to review and i'll do it within a day or two.If i've already asked you this then I formally apologize (*blinks puppy eyes sheepishly*) THANKS BUDDY!!


2 months ago Tibby Kay said:

Hey, would you like to swap? If you said yes, please read my short story, Angel of Despair, and let me know what you think of it. Only heart it if you truly think it deserves it! Then let me know what you would like me to read on my wall. Happy writing! ~Tibby


2 months ago Cactus Joe said:

Hello there! Whazzup?! How are you, anyway? I hope well, as this is a magnificent night and you certainly deserve to enjoy it. (Seriously, yo--I'm not joking here, has anyone told you that you're amazing today? Cuz you are.) :) Alrighty, so I was wondering if you would care to swap? If so, I'd be forever in your debt if you would read my piece, "Just Another Innocent Story." I'd happily read something of yours in return! Thank you so much and happy writing!

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