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About Me: I am a fangirl. (You said 'a little', right?)

Published Books

  • Rolitania-cover1


    Rolitania: the fledgling nation that barged onto the scene with an abnormally large amount of money, persuasion, and people willing to move there.
    The self-proclaimed Queen and Founder of this odd country has never shown her face in public, but it is quite clear that she is merely a child.
    Several years after its founding, the country appears to be a paradise for its unusual residents. Flourishing, despite the united protests of the world, they live in a secure, enlightened Otakuism.
    However, their peace is short-lived.
    Dark forces from outside the country aim to destroy their happiness, starting with the Queen herself.
    And a seemingly-helpless teenager named Sam just complicates things further.
    What secrets does Rolitania hide? And just why is this young man so important to the survival of the country?

  • Plmbas1

    "Please, let me be a Seiyuu!"

    Samuel Johnathan Evans. A grand-sounding name, right? Nevertheless, the boy behind the name isn’t all that spectacular. In truth, Sam is a nerd, but not just any nerd. While his siblings are busy watching the latest episode of School Rumble, he’s imagining bigger things for himself. Instead of just watching anime, he wants to be in anime, and the only way he’s going to do that is to get accepted into Newberry Fine Arts Academy. Sam may want to fulfill his dream, but he soon finds out that ‘easy’ will never describe his journey. Battling amnesia, mending a broken girl’s heart, and dealing with personal problems are only the start. That, and controlling his fake American accent. From recruiters and teachers, to rivals and meddling family members, Sam just keeps repeating his desperate plea: “Please, let me be a Seiyuu!”

Figment Writings

  • Plmbas

    "Please, let me be a Seiyuu!"

    A free excerpt of the first chapter of my first published novel, "Please, let me be a Seiyuu!" Summary: Samuel Johnathan Evans. …

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  • Cover

    My Playlist for Space Travel

    For the "Weird Al Lyrical" contest for my group ravefeather studios. And yes, they are all Doctor Who themed....well ,mostly. I don't …

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  • Sugercoated summer

    Sugarcoated Summer

    [contest entry] (Please vote for me?)[New 600 heart goal!!! (ambitious much, I know...)] -------------------------------------------…

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  • Four of a kind

    Four of a Kind

    Harmony: 1) compatibility in opinion and action 2)a harmonious state of things in general and of their properties. This girl defies th…

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