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About Me: I'm a writer of middle grade and young adult novels and non-fiction. I have two historical YA novels out/coming out: FAITHFUL and FORGIVEN, more coming soon, and a couple of dystopian novels in the hopper.

Published Books

  • Sirens front cover


    Young adult historical fiction set in 1925 New York City. Seventeen year old Jo Winter and her friend Lou O'Keefe, a gangster's moll, uncover a nest of dark secrets that endanger them both.

  • Forgivenfinaladjusted-1


    Young adult historical fiction set in San Francisco during the great earthquake and fire of 1906. FORGIVEN features Kula, whose strength of spirit is essential to her survival.

  • Faithful-1.frcvr


    Young adult historical romance set in Yellowstone National Park in 1904, and featuring Maggie, a girl who loses everything only to find her heart.


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