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over 1 year ago Rebekah Fowler said:

Sorry if you have already received this advertisement or don’t like group ads. I try to check everyone’s profile to see if they’re okay with group ads or not, but sometimes I accidentally skim over something.

Have a wonderful Thursday! ♡ ☮ ☆


about 3 years ago ForestWalker said:

If you are not open to swaps then you can ignore this, but if you want to be kind and read my brandonsanderson contest entry 'Burn' then please do. If you are open to swaps then I promise to read something in return,(as long as it's the same length, or shorter) Thanks!;)


over 3 years ago ButterflyApocalypse said:

I've been doing pretty well but school started and I'm in marching band and that takes up A LOT of time. Once I finally find a way to integrate this perfect world I came up with into an actual plot line I will probably start it hopefully soon. How are you doing?


over 3 years ago ButterflyApocalypse said:

Hey! It's been a long time, so I don't know if you remember me but I'm the one Kung Fu Panda fanfiction girl! :D I have really gotten away from writing for awhile so I've decided to start again XD and give Figment another try! Hopefully I can get around to reading some of your new stories!


over 3 years ago Evernight said:

Salaaaaaammsss Nour!!! I'm 13 days late and I'm sorry... :( I've been pretty good lately...just finished a foundation in Psychology course, so no exams yay! How have you been? Any new updates lately? My Beauty & The Beast retelling is getting rather dusty, so I'm taking some time this vacation to get back on it. Barely a month left to Ramadan whoop whoop! Miss you!!

Oh yeah, Frozen. Elsa's kinda my fav princess at the mo. Guess I shouldn't be surprised; even my 50-something year old lecturer switches on Let It Go before class starts, just to get everyone "in the mood". Ha. Ha. Ha. He's hilarious.

Catch you later!! XD

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