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over 2 years ago Sydney Lacroix said:

Swap? Please read my WIP short story Just For Kicks. Comment or review, heart it (If deserved), give an emotion (If deserved). I will do the same and read anything around the same time length (give or take a few). Thanks, and have a nice day!


P.S: If you leave a review, you may only get a comment in return. Sorry. Also, don't do a review or comment on just grammar. And no one liners, if you tell me that you liked my story, tell me why you liked it. Explain it to me.


over 4 years ago Sara NS Francis said:

Hello, Would you care for a swap? I desperately need feedback on my vampire contest piece. If you're up for it, please read "View from above" and place what you would like in return on my wall. (Please note that I will not read anything over 15 minutes. but individual chapters of something above 15 minutes is okay.) Thank you in advance and good luck with your own writings!


almost 5 years ago Daniel Jimenez said:

Hello fellow Figment member! I recently entered the Kiss Writing Contest (or better known as the Patterson Contest), and I was wondering if you would be willing to give me feedback on my story Loving Shards.

Now, I know that the majority of us don’t particularly like it when people spam our walls asking for heart swaps. However, this is no way a heart swap; I would prefer feedback on this and would greatly appreciate any feedback you have to give me (though hearts/reactions are greatly appreciated :D)

Please keep in mind that I may not be able to leave a comment/review on your story; I’m posting this same post onto almost 11,000 different people here on Figment. However, I can provide you with services. I can either make you a cover, teach you how to make covers, or leave you with a full-blown review (after the contest is complete). You’ll have to join the groups I’m in to get these services =/

So, without further ado: could you leave me some feedback on my story Loving Shards (and heart/react to it if you want to)? Just click the cover below to get to the story. Thank you for taking the time to read this long post!

Loving Shards

Beach girl

almost 5 years ago Natasha V. said:

Hey! My friend Ali Hart posted a new story, and she would love some feedback. She hasn't been very active on Figment lately, and she'd really love if you could read/heart her story. It's called A Casual Explosion, and here's the link: If you want to swap, please reply on my wall, as she doesn't always check hers. :) Thanks, and I'm really sorry if she or I have already asked you or if you don’t like swaps!


almost 5 years ago Cait Cher said:

Good morning there. Would you like to do a swap for me? If no, then disregard, I will understand. If yes, I would appreciate if you read Dangerous for me. Thank you so much for looking at this and taking your precious time to swap.

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To my almost lover

(almost 4 years ago)

This was a very cute poem, but I believe it lacks a much need rhyme scheme. Try to shorten the lines a little bit, to give the poem a lit... Read More »


(over 5 years ago)

This is really great. The idea is awesome. Sounds really familiar to and episode of Once Upon a Time on ABC though Read More »