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    The Sleepy Lord

    Another clip from Contra. Find more clips at, and check back throughout the summer for more clips lead…

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  • Boy
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    A Boy and His Machine

    Shorty story excerpt. Check back throughout the summer for more updates or visit…

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  • Moonchild
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    The Missing Moon Child

    The revised opening chapters to THE MISSING MOON CHILD will be released later this summer in anticipation of the book's release on Aug…

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  • Night garden wormwood
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    Under the Wormwood

    The prologue to my upcoming short story collection, CONTRA. Read more from CONTRA at…

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    Into the Night

    *FIRST PRIZE "The Gift" contest

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  • Place just west of here
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    Girl From Class

    Observational writing exercise I did awhile ago.

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David firth

2 months ago Sasha Hodes said:

done :) Im looking forward to your review on The Sorrowful Tale of Mr Jickels


2 months ago Maxx Quintanilla said:


Ford mustang

2 months ago CeceO said:

Hello, care to look over MY WIPS ON THE RUN or ADDICTIONS, thanks so much!


3 months ago Hala Abo Zedan said:

sorry if i am bothering u, if u get the time check out passerby also, thanks.


3 months ago Hala Abo Zedan said:

could u read "Charming Life"

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My Reviews

Fifteen Nightingale Road

(3 months ago)

So I made these comments as I read the first chapter, and only then did I read the summary and find out this is a horror story. This alte... Read More »

Heroes of Peace (In Training)

(3 months ago)

You've got a cadence in your writing similar to the 80s/90s fantasy writers. I think you've got fairly good control of it, but there are ... Read More »