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    Thomas Fischer. The perfect boy. The perfect German. Nobody would suspect him of anything. Or would they? He has to run. He has to. He…

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    For many, June is simply a summer month, the month when school lets out and kids can finally be free. But for some, June is something …

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    Lord of the Mines

    The kids are running wild. They're tearing the town apart. The older ones try to stop them, but they won't listen. They won't stop. Th…

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    The Endless Horizon

    Evan sees a island full of adventures and new discoveries, forests and beaches to explore. Vienna sees a tiny triangle of land where n…

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    This fame is hers. Their love is theirs. His death is nobody's. But this song is his.

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    Three weeks ago, something happened. Three weeks ago, someone died. Three weeks ago, Lana's life fell apart because of somebody who sh…

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about 3 years ago Tibby Kay said:

Hey, by any chance would you desire a swap?

If you said yes, please read my story Angel of Despair and comment or review honestly. Only heart it if you want! Then leave a comment on my profile telling me which book you want read. Please keep it under ten minutes. Thank you very much, and I'm sorry if this was bothersome.



over 3 years ago Karkalicious Queen said:

A swell time will be had by all. A quick link to the group is right here


over 3 years ago ambi said:


This is a message from Char, admin of CPR! You, my friend, are a member of this group, and therefore, are automatically awesome!

If you are still interested in becoming a member, it would be awesome if you could take one minute to read and reply to this thread. If you don't, just ignore this message. After a month and still no sign of you, you will automatically be deleted from the group (I'd really like CPR to be active, so please take no offense) (it's not because you're not awesome) (you're super awesome and I respect your decision)

Thanks for reading this, and have a wonderful day :D



about 4 years ago Tibby Kay said:

Hey, would you like to swap? If so please read at least two chapters of my story Storm and let me know what you think about it. Then leave me a comment on my wall about what you want me to read. Thanks in advance(:


Me pic in costume nancy drew

about 4 years ago Katie Murphy said:

Hello, Sarah! Welcome to Figment! :c) If you like Doctor Who, I invite you to read my story called 'Next of Kin'. Its my first fanfiction for this fantastic show, and I would love some Whovian reviews! Thanks!

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Lady of the Knights

(almost 5 years ago)

Intriguing. I liked this. Just a few grammar mistakes - when characters are speaking, you should always end with a comma. It's not "Hello... Read More »


(almost 5 years ago)

This was a really nice piece, but I think you could have developed Tricia's background a bit more. Why is she sad? You don't have to expl... Read More »