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    Arial Baker is the only one who can find the secret of her family. When she begins to search, after a visit from an uninvited guest, s…

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    Thorn Meadows

    The pretty, seaside town of Thorn Meadows holds a secret. Kate Reaming has the perfect life working as an author in the city and is…

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    Lost in Love with you

    17 year old Hanna has to deal with her life long best friend and now soul mate getting beat by his father. He moves in and starts a ne…

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about 5 years ago Alex M. Stache said:

I currently owe you a swap from September, or at least I think I do. (if not, well...) sorry it has taken me so long, but I just got on break and I like to keep my promises of swaps. Since its been a while, please post on my wall what you want me to read. Please nothing over eight minutes. (anything longer, and I will only read a part of it) Sorry for the long wait!

Coatilian 2010

about 5 years ago Midnight Kiss said:

Hey! Heart based contests are going to be the death of me and this is my first one; however, it ends tonight! AHH! So would you like to swap and help me out? I’d really like to have the chance for the judges to read my piece and only the top 30 are read and I’m not there yet. I need 90 hearts to make it there. If so could you please read my story “Clear the Name” and I’ll read any piece of yours in return just comment on my wall with which one. Thank you! :) Sorry if I have already asked you, it’s difficult for me to keep track. Thank you for understanding.


about 5 years ago Darkling said:

Sure I'll read your story but it wll take me a while to get to it can you please read Don't Close the Closet Door.

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about 5 years ago Zea Pturin said:

Swap? No? then IGNORE! Yes? then read on! ;P Here's the deal. You read "Mythara", and a heart would be MUCH appreciated, and I will read/heart/comment/possibly review any one or two of your stories, just let me know on my wall! Thanks so much, sorry for the bother, and have a good day!


about 5 years ago Nora F-Y said:

Hi do you want to swap? If so please read, and if it deserves it, heart Broken Promise. I will read any of your pieces under 20 minutes. I'm really sorry if I have already asked you.

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(about 5 years ago)

Very long story. I will read the rest I a bit. I think you should slow things down. This happened really fast;) very good read though Read More »

Broken Promise

(about 5 years ago)

Amazing. Phenominal. Write more!!! Read More »