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    Take Me Somewhere Better


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  • Blue
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    A poem about being consumed by one's emotions.

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  • Fallofthewinglessbirds
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    Fall of the Wingless Birds

    As fate would have it, Astra and Damien met on a rooftop, just as Astra was about to fall to her death. Consequently following, the lo…

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    A short poem that was stuck in my head all day . . . I just had to write it.

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  • Wondercover
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    A short simple poem that came to me while listening to <a href="…

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  • Galaxy starscover
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    A free-verse poem. Loosely based off of 'The Great Gatsby'.

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Talk to me!


over 1 year ago \(` ^ `)/ said:

Hey Luann! Yeah it's been a while lmao. How are you? I'm back in school so yay...

I'm actually not on there. What is that?? People have been trying to get me to go there but I've been super lazy. XD. No surprise right?

Ginger 2

over 1 year ago Kat Michelle said:

Hey! I was looking at some old comments on my wall and I found a cover you once made for me- which was beautiful by the way. I was wondering if you'd like to make another for me for another book?


almost 2 years ago Poisoned Little Apple said:

Hey! Want to swap? If so, can you read the Prologue of Belle and tell me what you think of it?

Thanks, Lacey :)


almost 2 years ago \(` ^ `)/ said:

Well it's about this kid called Sage... Don't ask me why, but he's failing his ap calc basics.

So while he's attending tutoring, he goes off on these adventures while learning abput functions. Weird... Want the link for the game? You have to download to though... Well I'll give it to yah anyways.

Here yah go! Hope you like it :D took me days to make it... And I didn't even procrastonate! XD


almost 2 years ago \(` ^ `)/ said:

AHahaha that's funny. xD. You know I have this project for my AP Calc class that covers like functions and stuff like that... and so I decided to make a short RPG game. xD.

It came out alright, just wonder how I'm gonna do on it though... ahahaha. It's pretty short.

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My Reviews

The Girl In The Back Of Class

(almost 3 years ago)

<b>This is a swap for: <a href="">Fall of the Wingless Birds</a>. Please read i... Read More »

Until The Whole World Hears

(over 3 years ago)

This was amazing . . . so powerful and impressive! I loved the eloquency of the boy's words, and the way his actions made what he said ri... Read More »