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    Ninth birthday

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    ninth Birthday

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    Being different?

    Sub title: O' ya I got that under control. What is the punishment of being different? Getting sent to well I am not sure where or how…

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  • Him
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    One step away from death

    He was in my head, he was in my dreams, he was taunting me all day. He had dark cold eyes, he was trying to kill me. But why? And most…

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    If you look back...

    Un-finished! Please comment on it and if you have any ideas for it please say so. I will defiantly consider your ideas. If you look …

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    Lost is about a young girl who comes to earth and is learning about Earth and what her planet needs to be able to fit in.

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about 2 years ago Writing Fire said:

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The Capitol is waiting for your arrival! We’re giving you the chance of a lifetime! Come forth brave tributes and honor your districts! You will be rewarded well as a victor, it’s that time again for a male and female to rise out of each district and make them proud! Copy and paste the link below into your browser to be directly transported to the capitol where you can learn how to be your district’s tribute for the 71st Annual Hunger Games! Or you can search for our group under the name WritingFire! We will be waiting to see our brave tributes there!

May your Writing Ever be in Your Favor.


about 2 years ago xGinanx said:

Hey, I was wondering if you would like to read the first chapter of my story, "Creatures of the shadow". Only if you want to though. I would love (and could really use) some critiquing. I’m really sorry if you hate these things on your wall, and totally understand if you feel the need to leave any sort of angry comment on my profile. Sorry again for taking your time and wall space. Thanks :)


over 2 years ago Halena Sparks said:

Hey, swap please? My story, “Summers”, is for an assignment so it would be great to get some feedback! (not just hearts) This is the link: Thanks so much :)

Vl_dip reads

over 2 years ago Dipreads by V.L. said:


Screen shot 2015-06-29 at 15.56.18

over 2 years ago S.K. Sophia said:


I've updated Finding Elyssia. This chapter was one of my favourites to edit. The code is in the description.

Btw, I finished the whole draft. Just over 90k. Woo.

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(over 2 years ago)

A fairy tell indeed. I found no grammatical errors. I have a few suggestions. One being, the very last word, "Yes" The reader forgets th... Read More »

Saving Summer

(almost 3 years ago)

Sorry, no grammar errors. This piece keeps the attention of the reader. I may have started in chronological order than start with the end... Read More »