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    To Whom It May Concern

    © Marissa Steidl 2015 Told through journal entry's, To Whom It May Concern follows the lives of fifteen year old Ana Greene, and tw…

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    Butterfly Kisses

    © Marissa Steidl 2015 Butterfly Kisses follows the story of a young woman handling the lose of her brother. Told through Ava's poin…

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    Bite Me

    © Marissa Steidl 2011 It's 3018 in the city of Serendipity and Rio Ariz is thrown into the secret world of paranormal creatures and…

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    The Guardians

    © Marissa Steidl 2014 -Cover made by Hannah Deatherage- When you die, you're sent to one of two places, Heaven or Hell. Where you ar…

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    © Marissa Steidl 2014 -Cover made by Hannah Deatherage-

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    The Journey of A Fat Girl

    Cover Credit: Alex Black © Marissa Steidl Thea Underwood is your average teenager. She goes to high school, has a job and an activ…

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Talk to me!


over 1 year ago Grace Meredith said:

Hi Marissa, I made a cover for your story Heartbeat. Just an idea, no need to use it.


about 2 years ago B.K Taylor said:

Hello friendly follower!

I'm finally back from my two year hiatus and I bring a brand new story 'Ancient Flame' It would be wonderful if you check it out for me and what you thought of it. I am also happy to do swaps if you like Looking forward to hearing back from you!

B.K Taylor


about 2 years ago Renn Ferring said:


over 2 years ago Madison L.H. said:

Hi. I'm an aspiring author, and would appreciate if you would check out my two YA dystopian stories, The Curious Life of Jodi Singer and Imagination, and possibly left a comment or even a review. I am also willing to swap.

The Curious Life of Jodi Singer

Eighteen year old Jodi Singer was born into a void that snatched her parents from the real world and into a land of nothingness, where they had to fight for survival- and fell in love while they were at it. But, when Jodi's attempts to escape backfired, she is on the run. Now she has to deal with the consequences of a deadly accident that may help to shape the world in which she lives. The question is: can she get out?


In a futuristic world in which creativity and imagination is outlawed, Imogen Farris is arrested when she is reported to the authorities for bringing a notebook with her on an outing. She is then thrown into a prison where other artists deemed insane are kept. But things seem pretty normal to her...

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My Reviews

What Jazz Wants

(almost 4 years ago)

I like how Meg is with Jazz, all sweet and nice, playinng with him. And how she doesn't complain about their situation, just tries to mak... Read More »

What Jazz Wants

(almost 4 years ago)

I've read all the chapters you have so far, and cannot wait to read more. So far its interesting and grabs the readers attention. In chap... Read More »