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  • Entertwined gemma gold
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    *Thank you to Caitlin Joy for making me this epic cover!* She was everything to me. A sister, a friend, even a mom. But the most speci…

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  • ,,,,,,,,,,,abdcdkhgkg
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    Kyler Ream has been seriously injured. She can't remember anything. Questions have been left unanswered. What happened? Where am I? An…

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  • Twistedfairytales
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    Twisted: Fairy Tales

    Some things aren't always as they seem...

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    The Masons

    A family of nine children.

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  • Threecznjvc
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    The Three Challenges

    A story of mine, based off a crazy dream.

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    The Songbird's Last Song

    A tribute to all of the poached animals out there. A word against animal poachers. SAVE OUR WORLD!!!

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about 4 years ago William Carter said:

Hey! Looking for an active, detailed, literate Percy Jackson RP? Look no further! Demigods of Olympus RP has that, and has just started today! So go ahead, create a character, and let your inner Percy Jackson fanatic run wild! :D http://figment.com/groups/25104--Demigods-of-Olympus-RP-


over 4 years ago FallingStarr said:

Hey, you were in my old warriors group, Warriors Roleplay! Well, I made a new group since a bunch of people were inactive, and I really want some of the old crowd back. :) Please join and register if you're active!!


over 4 years ago Stefan Mason said:

Salutations prospective tribute! Do you wish to participate in the 71st annual Hunger Games where the only weapon you need to survive is your awesome writing skills? Simply join my new group "Write To Win" to test your abilities.

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My Reviews

A Princess In A Forest

(about 5 years ago)

Well, the overall plot is good. But the words need a little more describing. Not every other word description, just more in the places wh... Read More »


(over 5 years ago)

Beautiful. I like the quote at the beginning. It adds to the story. And the sentence, "It was a bit ironic..." really helped me connect. ... Read More »