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    A journal. A girl. That's kind of it. But is it? This is Jane, her life, featuring the added bonuses that come with being a little bit…

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    Dear You

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over 3 years ago Karkalicious Queen said:

A swell time will be had by all, whether you're a new Figgie or an old-timer. A quick link to the group is right here.


over 5 years ago Shianne Monique Martinson said: Hope you like. :)


over 5 years ago May Amitola said:

I want to tell you about a group called "Contest Promotion" in which you can promote your amazing contest entries. This helps little-known authors and creative and well-written stories to succeed! Please join, I would love to read your contest entry!


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The Springtime Sacrifice

(over 3 years ago)

Wow! I was hooked from the beginning, awesome story :) Read More »


(over 3 years ago)

This is amazing. There wasn't a second that I didn't feel connected to the story and the gorgeous writing. Beautiful Read More »