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    Winter's Calling

    Aneira's existence is a dream. Whenever she wakes, she must take a walk through the never-ending winter, to the lone church that stand…

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  • The cassidy sisters
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    The Cassidy Sisters

    *An entry for a fairytale contest I wrote a couple of years ago. The task was, create a modern version of a fairytale or combine two f…

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  • Girl in the mirror
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    The One in the Mirror

    There's nothing strange about being scared of the dark. Afterall, everything looks wrong in the dark. But Melody isn't just scared of …

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  • My inner soulmate
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    My Inner Soulmate

    People have always whispered about the woman in the house at the top of the hill. She exists in her own world, ignorant to the rest of…

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    The Silence of Sound

    [A short story I was going to write for the Semi-Charmed Life Contest until I read the rules fully and realised I couldn't apply]. Reb…

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    The Tardis Duplication (A DW Fanfic)

    *working on the assumption that the deleted scene from Journey's End, in which the human Doctor is given a cutting of the Tardis by th…

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Talk to me!


10 months ago Kayla Thaler said:

Would you like to swap? If so, can you read the first and maybe second chapter of "Demon?" I will read whatever you want just let me know on my wall. Sorry if you don't want to swap.

2013 very important 382

11 months ago Taylor Renee said:

Please read my story Could We Start Over, and heart it if you think it deserves it, and in return, I'll do the same for any story of yours.


11 months ago Suzanne Zuckerman said:

Hi Rubie I was hoping you'd be interested in a free read. I have my story "Will You Wait" in the Red Moon contest and I would love some feedback, positive or negative, I can take it. I read your swap rules and it's okay if it takes you a while to get to this, but I really just want some advice on how to improve this writing. This really means a lot to me, thank you.


12 months ago prism is actually armin arlert said:

Hi, I've entered my story "Il faut etre un avec le monde" in the Summer Romance contest am in desperate need of hearts! If you have a spare second and could leave me a heart, that'd be fabulous! If you'd like to do a real swap, I'd be happy to read your story and return any feedback.


12 months ago Emily Anne said:

Hi! I feel bad about this, but I'm practically begging for hearts right now. My short story The Photographs of a Previous Life is entered in the Summer Romance contest. I'm not asking you to read it simply heart it. I understand if you don't, but thank-you in advanced if you do!

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My Reviews

Love, Family and a Small Fishing Town

(about 1 year ago)

You have a pleasant, easy-going writing style, and your descriptions were as impressive as in the previous one. I especially liked the co... Read More »

The Tranquility to Demise

(about 1 year ago)

Wonderful. I disagree about your descriptions; the plot is relatively short and simple, and it's your command of language and detail that... Read More »