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    Everyone has a different perspective of life and death.

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    Siren Waves

    Cover: Spirit of Flight by Josephine Wall (This is my NaNoWriMo novel. I got about halfway to the goal in November and have almost fi…

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  • Blackbird cover
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    Blackbird Home is a paradise, they say. An eden for unwanted children. But its three newest residents- Solace, Katri, and Evan- have…

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    This is a free-verse. It's meant to be mysterious; interpret it as you will. I don't usually write poems, so let's see how this turns …

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    In a near-future world, a city is raised with the single intention of producing intelligent citizens. Unfortunate, because Harvard isn…

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    I ♥ New York

    It's the 1960s, the time of guns and flowers. Convinced to adopt the hippie lifestyle with her best friend, eighteen-year-old Holly en…

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about 4 years ago Keith Surratt said:

 photo f6f6d161-da5b-418e-9bcd-eddd2f5ebc07_zps87b85517.jpg

Sup Dude! You need to try this group called Hippie Home!

Were a group thats national! We even have a facebook page and a group on facebook for it.

So check it out we have hippy room ideas and fun contests!

Be part of the family and have fun!

You'll even get to be in the roleplay.

And you'll see the group on my profile. Oh and you'll see allot of suggested songs and you'll love them!

Screen shot 2015-01-15 at 4.42.37 pm

over 4 years ago Theresa Rose said:

Hey there! Would you like to swap? If so could you please read "Kiara" and heart it if you like it. Just post on my wall anything of yours I can read, just nothing over ten miniutes, and I will! Thanks!

PS: A free read would be amazing!

Happy Writing! ~Theresa


over 4 years ago Tina Kia said:

Care for a swap? Please read and heart "The Story of Foxface" and I'll return the favour for any of your books!


over 4 years ago Briana Colfer said:

Hey love, would you like to swap? If so then you can please read/heart "Heart Stop". It is entered in the FanFic Contest, it's the LAST DAY and I desperately need the heart that only YOU can give me to maintain my spot in the top ten. Free reads would be amazing too if you feel like doing so. I will gladly return the favor. Thanks, and cheers! :)

 photo heartstop-005_zps00abc8a3.jpg


over 4 years ago Elizabeth said:

"True enough, this compass does not point north." "...Where does it point?" "It points to the thing you want most in this world."

Hello, mate! I was wondering if you could take a look at my piece, The Missing Compass? It's a fanfiction based off of Pirates of the Caribbean and only three minutes long. As of right now since it’s so short, I would greatly appreciate a free read, but I understand if you want to swap instead. Just tell me on my wall. I’d love to hear what you think of my story. If you’re by any chance not interested, or don’t like either Pirates and/or fanfiction, I’m deeply sorry for bothering you. Have a great day :)


The Missing Compass

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The Perfect Day

(over 4 years ago)

The twist was very intriguing, but it seemed so abrupt. Making the clues in the beginning a little less subtle could help. The beginning ... Read More »


(over 4 years ago)

The beginning was great, but I think as it went on the story kind of fell apart. I found the dialogue more dramatic than was realistic, a... Read More »