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about 3 years ago Two-ThirdsDivine said:

Hello. I was wondering if you would like to do a swap? I have a short story that needs some looking over, and I would gladly return the favor.


over 3 years ago Selena Brooks said:

Swap? Please read/heart/comment on Tutor, and I'll return the favor for one of your stories. Thanks!


over 3 years ago Isabel Filippone said:


over 3 years ago Maggie Street said:

Hello, if you wouldn't mind, would you bother to check out my story The Box. (If I were reading this, I wouldn't do so much as blink before deleting it so I hold no expectations) If you do happen to take a look, however, THANX! Summary: Stella Winterson is a girl with a future. She's an eighteen-year-old prodigy in a world where smarts are everything, destined to rule the city in which she lives. From looking at her, you'd think she has it all. But You'd be wrong. Stella is one of the thirteenth generation on a spaceship called The Escape, which is more commonly known to its inhabitants as The Box. And while her little brother, who was paralyzed at a young age, wants nothing more than to walk, Stella's dream is to see the stars. Because to Stella, The Escape is no escape. It's a cage. Gwendolyn Afrika has found herself in the middle of a World War. She shed the title of "Daddy's girl" at the age of seven, when she befriended some of the Tweevelin, a species native to the planet she calls her home. Now she's seventeen, and her prejudiced father is still disapproving of the bonds between her and the alien tribe. Then her best friend, Zoe, falls ill with a mystery sickness, and her life is turned upside down. Within days, Gwendolyn's life goes from normal to chaos. She discovers a dark secret about her father she wishes she never knew, her long lost sister returns home with a husband and daughter, some large space junk lands at the edges of her home town, and she finds herself the caretaker of a motherless three-year-old girl. Is there hope for everything to go back to normal again? And is normal even what they want?


over 3 years ago Rachel said:

Hello! Would you like to swap?

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