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  • Red_abstract
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    Hansel and Gretel Go Shopping

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  • Souldiers cover
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    Three teenagers find themselves fighting against something other than their past, something with a very long tongue.

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  • Vomit
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    Word Vomit

    A selection of poems, ranging in style. An endless vomit of emotion, with little editing done to what was originally written, is Word …

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  • Cover_d2_by_elizabethpott-d5qnu7i
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    A Defect in Destiny

    In the future, selected people are injected with chemicals that allow them to see the future. Of course with every experiment, there i…

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  • Devil's rope
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    The Games

    It happened so quickly. Like a wildfire spreading through the forest. And in a blink of an eye they were back. "The Games" they were n…

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  • Spray-paint-textures-1
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    I try to forget the bombs falling from the sky. I try to forget my parents' flesh melting off their faces. I try to forget that there …

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over 4 years ago S.K. Sophia said:


I've updated Finding Elyssia. This chapter was one of my favourites to edit. The code is in the description.

Btw, I finished the whole draft. Just over 90k. Woo.

Flower- forgetmenot

over 4 years ago This is my childhood said:

Hey, this is a strange request, but it nothing even close to a swap. I'm in love with the idea you had for the psychic's contest, but are you planning on extending it? If not, would it be alright if I steal the idea of the whole injecting chemicals into the brain? It's really brilliant.


over 4 years ago Leann Parker said:

Hello! Care for a swap? I'm submitting my haiku, "Wallflower" for the haiku contest about loneliness. Could you give it some love? Just read, heart, and if you like, leave a comment! Then, in return, leave what you would like me to read in return that's under ten minutes. Thanks in advance!


over 4 years ago Emi B said:

Can I have your heart? I need it to be complete and I don't feel whole without you ;)

I'd love it if you would swap with me (reads/comments/hearts)

Check out my story "Trash" and I'll return the favor.

Screen shot 2015-01-15 at 4.42.37 pm

over 4 years ago Theresa Rose said:

Hi there! Would you like to swap? If so could you please read "The Cold" and tell me what you think?? Thanks! Just post on my wall anything of yours I can read and I will! Just nothing over ten minutes! Thanks! 

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Infinitely Together, Forever.

(almost 5 years ago)

Hi! So when I started reading I was like oh boy love story BUT you won me over with your humor and I found the story totally likeable. I ... Read More »

sMALL Surprise

(almost 5 years ago)

Hi! I know this is flash-fiction, but your main character lacked any motivation to go to the bathroom at the mall. Also, I would change t... Read More »