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over 4 years ago S.J. Bouquet said:


over 4 years ago Elizabeth said:

Hey there :) I just wrote a brand-spanking-new story, and, guess what, I want to share it with you! Cool, right? Wait, it's not? I think you'd better read it first...Called "The Boy With the Emerald Green Eyes" it's for a contest that is, unfortunately, heart-based. So in order for me to get to the top 10, my story will need hearts, and lots of them! Care to take a look at my story? Here's an excerpt below:

~ I run my fingers through the water, savoring the feeling of the cool water on my skin. Ahhhh. My arm is running through the length of the fountain, when something strong grabs my hand. I hastily try to pull it back, but the more I resist, the harder it pulls. What is this thing?

Just as I look up, I'm pulled under water.

With my head completely submerged, I come up sputtering.

When I finally regain my voice, what comes out is something along the lines of:

"What the..."

As I pull my hair away from my face, I make eye contact with a boy that looks to be about my age, with dark wavy hair, a crooked smile, and the greenest eyes I've ever seen. ~

Interested? Check it out :) I'm willing to swap, so if you want to, just post what you'd like me to read in return on my wall. Thank you ahead of time, especially if you've actually read this far :) If you're not interested, then I must apologize for taking up your valuable time.



almost 5 years ago Emily Swiers said:

Hi there, could you read and heart my very short story REGRET. If you have already read REGRET please check out my story Mirror Mirror.

Please post on my wall if you would like me to return the favor. I am sorry if I have posted this before.

-Thank You


almost 5 years ago Mackenzie Kelley said:

Hello there, sorry for intruding on your space, but I was wondering if you would be so kind as to read my story, It's Not Okay. It's only a two minute read. If you don't do free reads, no worries, just post a swap on my profile and I will read yours as well. Thanks!


about 5 years ago Elizabeth Wayne said:

Hi! If you're interested in joining small contests, please joint my group Mini-Contests. I have a bunch of current contests about varying topic and the prizes include reviews, hearts and comments! Thanks! :) ~Lizzy

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