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    My Last Adventure

    Emily meets the oddest man in the universe, and goes on her best adventure. Though I do want to win this contest I have a small perso…

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    Write It Out

    After a chance meeting Jase and Phoebe, high school acquaintances, decide to write each other a letter detailing their long held feeli…

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    Love Games

    A new twist on a classic tale. A Forbidden love between the children of two toy entrepreneurs, causes the start of a game of secrets.…

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    We all wear different masks for those we are with. One for work, one for school, one for acquaintances. But who are we with when the m…

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    Goal 100 Hearts! This is something I'm still playing with, that's why the goal is so low. Kristen is dead, but cannot pass on, because…

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    Untitled with Jane Smith

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Foreign Matters

(over 4 years ago)

That was very good! You could really feel his emotion, and see the different view on life after experiencing the tragedies of war. It's a... Read More »