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5 months ago Haley Kissell (full hiatus) said:


There is a brand new newsletter for Figment writers! This particular newsletter is a division of Figgie Fighters, the ever popular group doing everything they can to keep Figment alive and well.

This newsletter will have advice and lessons, feature Figgies just like you, and keep you up to date on Figment news! That's not even the best part... no...

The best part is it's written by YOU.

You don't have to commit long term. In fact, if you don't want to write an article, don't! For those of you who are interested in writing an article, just put in your application. Lucky applicants will have their article featured in the newsletter. Anyone who does have their article featured will have a free, in-depth review from us!

We accept around five to seven articles each week, depending on size of the articles submitted.

Click here to learn more!


6 months ago Holly Rayne (Mystical) said:

Hey, Fellow Figgie!

I just wanted to tell you about our group,Creative Advice! We have advice, friends, our VERY OWN NEWSPAPER, and more! Click our name above!!

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6 months ago Irene Grey said:

Hey, I saw you had a few spam comments on your book. You can send the link to the book that has the spam comment on it and the link to the spammer's profile to safety@figment.com and they will remove the spam comments and delete the spammer's profile.

Just so ya know. :)


6 months ago Emma said:

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Not so jersey ;p

6 months ago Amelia Ann (Millie) said:

Hey I know you probably don't know me and I don't think I'm following you (I'll fix that) But would you like to swap? I just want to know what people think about my writing. If yes then just let me know if there is a specific book that you would like me to read.

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