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over 4 years ago M.H. said:

Hey there! :) Care to swap? If so, please read Paper Flowers and leave a comment as well as a heart if worthy. I'd love free reads, but if you want to swap, that's fine. Just let me know on my wall. Have a great day! :)



over 4 years ago Madii. said:

It has been a long's so funny because I feel so busy all the time but we literally do like nothing all week! Haha


over 4 years ago Madii. said:

I don't have my ipod again.

I just can't imagine Emilia anymore because she seems too British looking to be Lindy...

Also, Welcome to Sanditon with Gigi Darcy starts tomorrow!!


over 4 years ago Madii. said:

I had a dream a while ago that had Ian in it. We were hanging out (me and Ian) and we were, like, on a cruise ship or something, and this girl came up to us and started talking to Ian because apparently she knew us. And he just got like this super starstruck look and started acting really cute and just he was SERIOUSLY in love with this random girl and in the dream I was like "OH MY GOSh you're so cute..." and then I walked away from them with Makaela (who also kind of was transforming into Nina? It was like it was both of them) and then we ran into these other people and that was it...but I woke up thinking "AWWWWWWW" because it was really cute.


over 4 years ago Madii. said:

I can't for the life of me figure out how to draw collars or leather jackets. Ooooh sweet! I accidentally developed the spy idea and I've been trying to figure out leather jackets and try not making Char's face look nice... haha

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