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  • An icy flame
    • 39
    • 12

    An Icy Flame

    A short story inspired by Greek Mythology and the contest prompt of love that no one would approve of. Khione, the goddess of snow, fa…

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  • Broken kaleidoscope
    • 120
    • 16

    Broken Kaleidoscope

    Hailey finally finds someone that she can relate to 100%. They are instant best friends, but it turns out the intense views they both …

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  • Rain
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    "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about dancing in the rain."

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  • Reflection of blood
    • 139
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    Reflection of Blood

    Inspired by a horror movie I watched. Basically it's about someone that is ashamed of their undesirable addiction to murder.

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  • Rock n roll
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    Rock N' Roll

    A short poem I wrote about my love and passion for Rock N' Roll.

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  • Winter poem
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3 months ago C. Van Asch (Chesster) said:

You have been invited to join Figment's 2nd Debate Club.

Warning: this group contains excessive amounts of logical thought, intelligent discussions, and absolutely no low blows. If you do argue with some random small point then you could be destroyed.

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3 months ago M.E.M. said:

I just posted 5 new poems go check them out!


about 1 year ago A.R. KYRON said:

If you're suffering from any kind of mental disorder, depression or if you just feel lonely...there's a perfect group for you named 'Prisoner of our own world' Click in the following link to join :


about 2 years ago Sasha M. Myron said:

Hi Tori! Your cover has been remade, just use the link I posted before. :D


about 2 years ago Sasha M. Myron said:

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(almost 5 years ago)

Here's a few things I picked up on: “knowing he could not fail” seems a little choppy. Consider rephrasing it, it seems like it has too ... Read More »

This Has to Be What Forever Feels Like

(almost 5 years ago)

It's a good story overall, but it needs some work. The title isn't the most enticing because it seems a bit cliche, but aside from that y... Read More »