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  • Amour paris
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    Amour Paris

    -NOVEL IN PROGRESS- I only had to have three things to be happy. My duffel bag, well...that had clothes in it. My travel log book, it…

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  • Under my umbrella cover 2
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    Under my Umbrella

    NOVEL IN PROCESS, I UPDATE EVERY COUPLE DAYS Blake left, he took my heart with him. Zander came, he gave me a new one. I'm torn, …

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  • The disappearance letter cover 3
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    The Disappearance Letter

    ~NOVEL IN PROGRESS~ :) She just disappeared, in to that cold spring night. I could almost see her dark blue eyes open in terror. She w…

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about 5 years ago Ginger Alexandra said:


about 5 years ago Adrianna M said:

Hi! I owe you a swap, but haven't been on figment for a long time as summer has been so crazy! Please let me know which of your pieces you'd like me to read/ review (I review everything and heart if I like it). I'm just sending this since contests have passed and new ones have started and you've probably written some new stories since we first agreed to swap! If you haven't read mine, I just have the one story so it's an easy choice haha. Let me know and I'm sorry for the wait!! :)


over 5 years ago BpdSlime said:

Hi, I filled out your forum for character sketches a while ago, and I'd just like to know when they'll be done. Thanks


over 5 years ago Dani23 said:

hey do you wanna join my smiley cover contests!:)? if so plz go to this link: if not its ok i understand. or if i already asked.


over 5 years ago Ria said:

Hello! Could we please swap? I'm looking for feedback on my novella-to-be, Ugly (seven minutes), and will read/possibly react/honestly comment or review a piece of your choice eight minutes or under.

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Paradise Falls

(over 5 years ago)

Hey! So I like writing more reviews telling how I thought the book was and such, I am not that good at correcting grammar :) But I though... Read More »