Interminably ill (Leona)

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  • Thebond
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    Immortal Siblings Vol. 1: The Bond

    (Cover image created by Ariana Collins.)<b><i>Warning:</i> This book often contains strong language, graphic violence and gore, and se…

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  • Without darkness
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    Without Darkness

    Starla is a white witch from a family of dark witches who constantly torture her. But when her mother tries to kill her, another white…

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  • Smoke_stock_x_by_melyssah6_stock-d46g2mf
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    Destined from Birth

    When an adopted daughter is reunited with her biological mother a whole lot of strange and frightening circumstances begin to change b…

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  • Ananke i
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    Ananke I: Blood Christening

    <b><i>Warning:</i> This book often contains strong language. Please use your judgement on whether or not this book is appropriate mate…

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  • Dark passenger
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    The Dark Passenger

    An artistic interpretation of life's struggles. Cover by Felicia K

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  • Unsuspectedregrets
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    Unsuspected Regrets

    A young girl, sick in the hospital, deals with death and the consequences of her decision.

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about 1 month ago Joe Williams said:

Unfortunately figment is closing down. If you would like to stay in touch you can reach out to me at, at the profile JoeWilliams123. See my profile page for other details about contacting me.


3 months ago Ze Fluffy Kit on Fire ^3^ said:

If you get online before the shut down, please message me. I'd love to keep contact.


7 months ago Dreamer said:

I would be done for that. I've been a little spotty but I've been trying to get back into things.


9 months ago Kaaylaa said:

I'll reply to our's first thing in the morning when I can think up a good response!


9 months ago Kaaylaa said:

Okay! Thank you for letting me know!

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My Reviews

The Love Game

(about 5 years ago)

Swap for The Bond (Immortal Siblings Vol. 1). There's a good deal of grammar errors here that you should tend to. Also, you move betwe... Read More »

The Misfit Rebellion

(about 5 years ago)

I read up to chapter 4. It's pretty much midnight now, and I'm done for the night. However, this really peaked my interest and I intend o... Read More »