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  • Acmcover
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    A Clockwork Melody

    <br><br>[<b>THREE CHAPTER PREVIEW ONLY! Support me on Patreon for access to the full story!</b>] <br> Suspended in the sky with int…

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  • Ffcover
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    Fatal Flaw

    Centuries have passed since humanity was pushed the brink of extinction against their greatest threat.  Human genetics are no longer s…

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  • Contagion2
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    No cure. No immunity. No hope... ​<br> The aftershocks of the First Contact civil war are still felt by humans and the aliens alike …

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  • Everlight2
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    In a world that defies physics as we know them, a terrible truth must be learned in order for the human race to escape the prison they…

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  • Findingeffulgence2
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    Finding Effulgence

    Emmy has never deluded herself into thinking she is normal. With naturally green hair and eyes that change pigment repeatedly, her ir…

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  • Forgotten hearts cover2
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    Forgotten Hearts

    <br><br><b>Trigger Warnings: Self harm, suicide, abuse.</b> A young girl battles her demons and discovers strength she never knew she…

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over 1 year ago Eira J. Skye said:

I apologize if you have already received it!

Check it OUT! :D

If Swap is your style, then I will read any story (except indecent and containing inappropriate content) of the same length! Let me know on my wall. So, I could keep track! :)

Thanks! :)

Click the poster to reach there!



over 2 years ago Christina Lui said:

You should teach me how you do it! Also we should hang out :D


over 2 years ago Christina Lui said:

Your cover arts are awesome :D

Img_2872 - edited

almost 3 years ago Soley said:

Thank you so much!

Img_2872 - edited

almost 3 years ago Soley said:

Hi! I just wrote a 1 minute read called "Storms of Loss", it's for a contest and the deadline for the contest is in a couple hours so I'm just searching for any input I can find... Sorry if you hate these kinds of wall posts, I'm getting desperate haha..anyways, I'll be happy to swap (:

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Until Death Do Us Part

(almost 5 years ago)

Saying I really liked this would be a lie, I hated the boyfriend. I did like the writing however, haha. My only complaint; the boyfri... Read More »


(almost 5 years ago)

This was hard for me to get into, because for the first half of the story I really didn't know who was narrating. You refer to Butrum as... Read More »